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Mattmark Stausee Wasser
Sustainable trip

Sustainable trip

Travel and stay in a sustainable way

Your sustainable journey to the Saas Valley

If you want to travel consciously and sustainably, you've come to the right place. Because sustainability plays a central role in the car-free village of Saas-Fee and in the entire Saas Valley. The careful handling of our environment and resources is in the foreground. Especially here in the Saas Valley, the changes caused by climate change are visible and tangible. 

Protect our nature during your trip - we'll tell you how!

1: Preparation & Accommodation

Try to get most of your information digitally. There are many digital sources of inspiration to help you find your perfect destination. Here you can find information about the holiday region Saas-Fee/Saastal.

Book your hotel or holiday flat on our website or directly with the accommodation.

Book accommodation

2: Arrival

Leave the car at home and travel by public transport. There are direct train connections to Visp from all major Swiss cities. From there, bus 511 takes you to the Saas Valley every half hour. This journey takes about 50 minutes.
From Zurich, Geneva and Basel the journey takes three hours, from Bern two hours. 

Thanks to SBB Supersaver Tickets and Supersaver Day Tickets, you can benefit from particularly low fares when travelling by public transport. 

SBB savings offer

You don't need to worry about luggage transport. SBB will collect your luggage and take it directly to your hotel in the Saas Valley.

Luggage service SBB

3: Mobility on site

Cable cars and post bus free of charge!

From your first overnight stay, you will receive the SaastalCard, which allows you to use the mountain railways in summer and the PostBus all year round in the Saas Valley free of charge during your stay! You also benefit from up to 30% discount on numerous activities.

  • During your stay - as well as on the day of arrival or departure - you can use 9 mountain railways free of charge (excl. Metro Alpin).
  • Metro Plus Ticket: The SaastalCard or the Magic Pass entitles you to purchase the Metro Plus Ticket (pedestrian ticket Felskinn - Mittelallalin). For a one-time fee of CHF 45.- (children 6-16 years CHF 38.-) you can use the Metro Alpin without restrictions during your stay. The Metro Plus ticket includes admission to the Allalin Ice Grotto.
  • The SaastalCard includes the post bus in the four municipalities of Saas-Fee, Saas-Grund, Saas-Balen and Saas-Almagell as far as Mattmark (not valid for arrival and departure by post bus).

SaastalCard in summer and autumn

4: Sustainable summer experiences

Sustainable hiking means that we do as little damage as possible to nature while we are out and about. We'll give you some tips on how to make your hiking tour sustainable.

  • Take your waste home with you. Even biodegradable waste like banana peels or apple peels are not as harmless as you think. A banana peel takes one to two years to decompose, an apple peel about two weeks. But imagine everyone throwing something like that into nature. The wrapper of a cereal bar practically doesn't decompose, so this waste stays around for a very long time. It is also interesting to note that human excrement takes about a month or more to decompose, paper tissues even up to five years. Another problem with faeces is that they are often eaten by wild animals, which can then fall ill.
  • Stay on the paths. If you leave the paths and go off the beaten track, you destroy the ground under your feet. Tree roots can also be damaged.
  • Barbecue only at designated fireplaces.
  • Keep your distance from grazing cows and wild animals and do not feed them.


Trekking & Multi-day hikes

The increasing number of mountain bikers has a direct impact on nature. Therefore, a considerate approach to nature is very important. Find out in advance about the chosen route and pay attention to the information, signposting and prohibitions on the trail. Always stay on the existing paths. This way you will protect the sensitive habitats of plants and animals. Keep the environment clean while biking and take your waste home with you.


On the tour over the mighty Fee glacier, you become aware of the consequences of climate change together with the mountain guide. On the glacier nature trail you can also learn at 12 stations how a glacier shapes the environment and how climate and glaciers are connected. Since this summer, you can learn everything about the formation, characteristics, habitat, dangers and much more about the glacier in the Allalin Ice Grotto at 3,500 m above sea level.

Glacier Experience Tour summer

Glacier theme trail

Ice Cave Allalin

Climbing is said to reduce the size, abundance and genetic diversity of plants. However, there is much you can do to minimise the impact of climbing on nature. Climb only in designated areas and respect barriers and restrictions. Use existing ascents and descents to protect sensitive habitats for plants and wildlife. Avoid heavily overgrown rocks, do not remove plants from crevices, avoid rock nesting sites and avoid noise. Keep the climbing area clean.

Climbing Garden


Yoga is about mindfulness, about consciously feeling and harmonising body and mind. Those who are mindful in the yoga class usually continue this in their lives outside the studio. Nature should also be perceived mindfully. Connectedness to nature also arises above all when you do yoga outdoors and listen to the wind, the rustling of the leaves or the birds flying by.


South in the Saas Valley is the largest earth dam in Europe, the Mattmark Dam. The dam, which is used to generate electricity, is a real place of power and fascinates not only with its technical details but also with its wild and romantic location.

PostBus journeys are included with the SaastalCard from the 1st overnight stay onwards!

5: Regional shopping

From the small village shop with fresh groceries to the exclusive boutique and numerous sports shops, you will find everything your heart desires. Most shops are personally run and offer friendly and competent advice in several languages.

Shopping in the Saas Valley

If you cook for yourself, you should buy sustainably. That means ...

  • paying attention to the origin and season of fruit and vegetables.
  • with animal products such as meat, eggs and milk, regionality plays an important role in sustainability.
  • support local grocery shops.

Grocery shop

Sustainable projects in the Saas Valley

  • Mattmark power stations
  • Car-free village Saas-Fee
  • Energy City Label GOLD, Municipality of Saas-Fee
  • Best Tourism Village by UNWTO
  • Swisstainable Level 1
  • District heating network & solar energy
  • E-shuttle bus

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