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Mountains in the Saas Valley
Mountains in the Saas Valley

Mountains in the Saas Valley

Our majestic queens

Surrounded by 18 four-thousanders, a unique mountain and glacier landscape full of adventure awaits you. The four-thousand-metre peaks. In the Saas Valley they stand for
and are our landmarks. Here we would like to introduce you to 14 of the 18 four-thousand-meter peaks. Discover exciting facts and figures about the mountains.


1Signalkuppe 4,554 m asl
2Zumsteinspitze 4,563 m asl
3Dufourspitze 4,634 m asl
4Nordend 4,609 m asl
5Strahlhorn 4,190 m asl
6Rimpfischhorn 4,199 m asl
7Allalin 4,027 m asl
8Alphubel 4,206 m asl
9Täschhorn 4,490 m asl
10Dom 4,545 m asl
11Lenzspitze 4,294 m asl
12Nadelhorn 4,327 m asl
13Stecknadelhorn 4,240 m asl
14 Hohberghorn 4,219 m asl
15Dürrenhorn 4,034 m asl
16 Fletschhorn 3,985 m asl
17Laggin 4,010 m asl
18Weissmies 4,017 m asl


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