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Hüttenwanderung Zwischbergen
Hüttenwanderung Saas-Fee - Domodossola

Multi-day hikes

In addition to our large network of hiking trails in the holiday region Saas-Fee/Saastal, we are the start, finish or stage point of many different trekking and multi-day hikes. Even across borders into the neighbouring Italian valleys.


Also discover the hikes in the Saas Valley. Whether an easy walk or a challenging hike, there is something for everyone.

To the hiking

Alpine multi-day hike Saas-Fee - Domodossola

Four days, 3500m ascent, two passes and one border crossing - that's what awaits you on this alpine multi-day hike from the glacier village of Saas-Fee over the Zwischbergen Pass to the Italian town of Domodossola.

This multi-day hike is very demanding and requires experience in alpine terrain as well as a good level of fitness. However, the unique panoramic views of the Saas 4000m peaks, the tranquillity of the Zwischbergen valley and the Italian charm of Domodossola are well worth the effort. And at the end, a real pizza or gelato awaits you as a reward.

  • Start: Saas-Fee
  • Finish: Domodossola
  • Duration: 4 daily stages | 25:00 hrs walking time
  • Distance: 59.6 km | 3,672 metres of ascent | 5,198 metres of descent

The tour starts in car-free Saas-Fee and leads over the wild Plattjen mountain, with spectacular views of the Mischabel mountain range. With a bit of luck, you may come across ibex and chamois, especially in the morning. The route then continues to Saas-Almagell, where you climb up to the Almagelleralp. A cosy atmosphere and culinary highlights await you in the hut.

  • Start: Saas-Fee
  • Destination: Almagelleralp
  • Duration: 5:35 h
  • Ascent: 1,147 metres altitude difference | Descent: 752 metres altitude difference
  • Overnight stay: Almagelleralp

The second day takes you to the Zwischbergen Pass at almost 3300 metres above sea level, where a spectacular view of the Saas four-thousand-metre peaks and the Italian panorama awaits you. The descent leads through fascinating lunar landscapes to the Berggasthaus Bord Zwischbergen, where you can treat yourself to a well-earned meal and a restful night.

  • Start: Almagelleralp
  • Destination: Berggasthaus Bord Zwischbergen 
  • Duration: 8:00 h
  • Ascent: 1'123 hm | Descent: 1'957 hm
  • Overnight stay: Berggasthaus Bord Zwischbergen


The route continues towards Italy, to the Passo di Oriacca. Clear mountain lakes and a varied landscape beckon along the way. Italian hospitality and relaxation await you in Bognanco so that you are ready for the last day!

  • Start: Bord Zwischbergen mountain inn
  • Finish: Rifugio San Bernardo
  • Duration: 6:10 h
  • Ascent: 1'131 hm | Descent: 857 hm
  • Overnight stay: Rifugio San Bernardo


On the last day, despite the already recognisable Domodossola, a long but interesting trail awaits you. On the historic Via Stockalper, you walk along paths that were used by traders and passers-by hundreds of years ago. Once you arrive in Domodossola, you can freely explore the cosy little Italian town and reward yourself with pizza, pasta, gelato or an Aperol to suit your taste.

  • Start: Rifugio San Bernardo
  • Finish: Domodossola
  • Duration: 5:50 h
  • Ascent: 311 metres altitude difference | Descent: 1,664 metres altitude difference


Package alpine multi-day hike

Are you convinced and ready to tackle the hut to hut walk this summer?
So that you don't have to worry about the administrative planning, Brig Simplon Tourism has put together a package that includes all the services you need for your multi-day trek. 

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Saas Mountain Hut Tour

The multi-day Saas Mountain hut tour shows the alpine side of the Saas-Fee/Saastal holiday region. Starting in Gspon, the tour leads along impressive trails to four mountain huts in the Saas Valley.

  • Start: Gspon
  • Finish: Saas-Fee
  • Duration: 5 day stages | 25:50 h walking time
  • Length: 65.3 km | 5,186 metres ascent | 5,276 metres descent
  • Start: Gspon
  • Finish: Weissmies hut
  • Duration: 5:45 h
  • Ascent: 1'071 m | Descent: 237 m
  • Overnight stay: Weissmies hut
  • Start: Weissmies hut
  • Finish: Almageller hut
  • Duration: 4:45 h
  • Ascent: 903 m | Descent: 737 m
  • Overnight stay: Almageller hut
  • Start: Almageller hut
  • Finish: Britannia hut
  • Duration: 7:00 h
  • Ascent: 1'434 m | Descent:1'277 m
  • Overnight stay: Britannia hut
  • Start: Britannia hut
  • Finish: Mischabel hut
  • Duration: 5:45 h
  • Ascent: 1'685 hm | Descent:1'385 hm
  • Overnight stay: Mischabel hut
  • Start: Mischabel hut
  • Finish: Saas-Fee
  • Duration: 2:20 h
  • Ascent: 22 hm | Descent:1'546 hm

Saastal Trekking

Have you ever wanted to spend the night in a mountain hut? Then this trip is just the right activity for you.
From the charming hamlet of Furggstalden, you hike along the Adventure Trail to Almagelleralp. Here you will experience a night in the middle of the Saas mountain world. The very next day, the 3.5-hour Almagell High-Altitude Trail leads you to Kreuzboden.  You get down to Saas-Grund by cable car or by a rapid descent on the Scooter bikes.

  • Start: Furggstalden
  • Finish: Kreuzboden
  • Duration: 2 day stages | 4:00 h walking time
  • Length: 9.6 km | 703 metres ascent | 205 metres descent
  • Start: Furggstalden
  • Finish: Almagelleralp
  • Duration: 1:30 h
  • Ascent: 386 m | Descent: 93 m
  • Overnight stay: Almagelleralp
  • Start: Almagelleralp
  • Finish: Kreuzboden
  • Duration: 3:30 h
  • Ascent: 317 m | Descent: 112 m

Tour Monte Rosa-Matterhorn

The multi-day hike around the Monte Rosa massif is considered one of the most beautiful and challenging stage tours in the Alps. Participants can experience many impressive sights, but should have sufficient experience, strength and endurance.

  • Start: Zermatt
  • Finish: Zermatt
  • Duration: 9 daily stages | 58:00 h walking time
  • Length: 163 km | 10,654 metres ascent | 10,660 metres descent

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High alpine pilgrimage trail

"Hiking between nature and spirituality" is the motto of this high alpine Pilgrimage Trail. The path leads from the Sacro Monte Calvario in Domodossola over the Antrona Pass to Saas-Fee.

  • Start: Domodossola
  • Finish: Saas-Fee
  • Duration: 4 - 5 day stages | 20:00 h walking time
  • Length: 53.5 km | 3,422 m ascent | 1,911 m descent


This trekking tour is an insider tip. But insiders consider it to be the pearl of the great alpine hiking tours. This trek takes the hiker around the Fletschhorn massif. From Simplon through the Saas Valley via the Antrona Pass to the Andolla Hut and back via Zwischbergen to the Simplon Pass, this tour offers many highlights for the demanding hiker.

  • Start: Antrona
  • Finish: Antrona
  • Duration: 9 daily stages | 44:40 h walking time
  • Length: 122.6 km | 6,815 m ascent | 6,801 m descent

Alpine Passes Trail

This national route connects the most beautiful mountain crossings of the Grisons and Wallliser Alps in 34 stages. The route begins in Chur and leads from the Grisons, Ticino and the southern Valais valleys to St-Gingolph. Our holiday region Saas-Fee/Saastal is also one of the stage towns. The trail enters Saas Valley via the Gsponer Höhenweg and leaves it via the Grächner Höhenweg.

  • Start: St. Moritz
  • Finish: St. Gingolph
  • Duration: 43 daily stages 
  • Length: 695 km | 47,100 metres ascent | 49,200 metres descent

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