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Art Gallery Werner Zurbriggen
Art Gallery Werner Zurbriggen

Art Gallery Werner Zurbriggen

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The Saas Valley artist Werner Zurbriggen has perceived the people in this valley like no other and has reduced them to the essential in his own way. He combined clear forms of geometry with expressive ones and woven a fabric of beauty from them. This is also the origin of the long, miserable silhouette of the traditional Valaisan woman, which he painted again and again until the end of his life. Gifted with an extraordinary sense for decorative values and a master of composition, the artist created a figurative constructivism of unmistakable originality. On and in public buildings in Saas-Fee and outside the valley, one encounters the works of the artist with his unmistakable style. At the age of 49 on December 8th 1980, the artist was torn out of life amidst his successful work. 



In memory of Werner Zurbriggen, the Kunstverein Oberwallis shows a selection of his works in its virtual art space. His daughter Chantal Zurbriggen has transformed the family home into the "Kunsthaus Werner Zurbriggen". There you can admire a large selection of her father's works. A place with a personal touch. Chantal Zurbriggen would be pleased to welcome you for a visit by appointment.

Entrance fee: CHF 10.- per person for the preservation of the project


Kunsthaus Werner Zurbriggen 
Frau Chantal Zurbriggen 
Blomattenweg 5
CH- 3906 Saas-Fee 

Tel. +41 79 363 00 09