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If you have visited the car free streets of Saas Fee, or skied the pristine pistes of the Fee Glacier, you will know that this is beauty worth preserving – and Saas Fee has noticed too!

Since 1951, Saas-Fee has decided to remain car-free, which means that the resort is entirely pedestrian and serviced by electric taxis and buses only. This means that there are no ghastly fumes, no hectic traffic and no noise to contend with so that you can enjoy your holiday in peace, and benefit from the fresh, clean mountain air. In 2002 Saas Fee was awarded with Energy Town status by EnergieSchweiz who recognized that the community was committed to advancing and implementing sustainable local energy policies, promoting renewable energies and environmentally friendly transportation and using natural resources efficiently.

They’ve arrived! The electric buses are ready and waiting to take you comfortably to the valley station

It’s never been easier to get to the Saas-Fee slopes. As of next weekend, shuttle buses will be running between the bus terminal/car park and the valley station of the Alpin Express. The electric buses will be in operation during the shuttle-bus pilot phase this winter season. They will take you directly to the valley station of the Alpin Express and back again. The two buses will be running at 7 minute intervals from 8.30 a.m. to 11 a.m. and from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. during the peak season. The electric buses will be on the road for the first time on the weekend of the 3 to 4 December and again from 8 to 11 December. Between 17 December 2016 and 22 April 2017, the buses will be running daily.

In keeping with the spirit of Saas-Fee, these buses are zero-emission vehicles. Bus company PostAuto uses renewable energy to recharge the batteries of the electric buses. Swiss Post and PostAuto have been procuring all their electricity from renewables that are 100% sourced in Switzerland since 2008. The power has been “naturemade basic” certified since 2013. Ten percent of this is green electricity with the “naturemade star” label, sourced from wind turbines on Mont Crosin and solar panels on farms and from small enterprises and small-scale hydropower parks across Switzerland.

The two buses are a first for Switzerland. PostAuto is testing emissions-free drive systems in this pilot project and collecting experience for the future.


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Alliance in the Alps, Saas-Fee An enduring commitment to sustainability.

Back in 1996, Saas-Fee became the pilot region for the "Alliance in the Alps" project, an international association of more than 200 Alpine communities. The members work to ensure that the objectives set out by the Alpine Convention for sustainable development in the Alps region are properly implemented. Further information regarding this initiative can be found at:

Car-free Saas-Fee Now your car can have a holiday too.

Village Saas-Fee

Upon completion of the road leading from Saas-Grund to Saas-Fee in 1951, locals decided that like visitors, residents should also leave their cars at the entrance to the village. This decision showed incredible ecological foresight and now guarantees a particularly restful holiday experience for guests. Find out more about the "Community of Car-free Swiss Tourist Resorts" (GaST), of which Saas-Fee has been a member since 1951:

Energy town Saas-Fee The environment can also breathe easy in the Free Republic of Holidays, Saas-Fee.

In June 2002, Saas-Fee was awarded the prestigious "Energy Town" title. It acknowledges the introduction of clear quality standards in energy and traffic policy, and is awarded for outstanding efforts in the field of sustainability. In Saas-Fee, all electricity – including that used for railways and lifts – is obtained from 100% renewable Valaisian hydroelectric power. No other Swiss residential and holiday area uses natural energy so consistently.

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Dust-free Saas-Fee You know what's not nice? Dust. So we're doing something about it.

Health problems caused by fine dust particles are becoming an increasingly significant problem. Saas-Fee has declared war against the cancer-causing grime and has equipped the community's 250 wood-fired furnaces with particle filters. As a result, Saas-Fee is well on its way to becoming the first dust-free community in the European Alps. To date, we've invested approximately one million Swiss Francs in the health of our citizens and visitors.

Free Republik of Holidays Saas-Fee

Become a citizen of the Free Republic of Holidays, Saas-Fee, with Citizens’ Rights and a Citizen’s Pass.

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An overview of all our webcams in different locations.

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Saas-Balen summer

The four villages Saas-Fee, Saas-Grund, Saas-Almagell and Saas-Balen.

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