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Swiss National Day
Swiss National Day

Swiss National Day

1st August

We are proud Swiss and celebrate our national holiday traditionally in the whole Saas Valley. Enjoy the national holiday and let our program inspire you.

The programme for National Day 2024 follows. In the following review, you can see what you can expect on this special day:

Program Review 2023

Saas-Balen | Village square and gym

31 July 2023

Food and drinks are provided
Time Program
7.30 p.m Apéro on the village square
From 8.15 p.m Presentation by the village associations in the sports centre
  Speech by National Councillor Philipp Matthias Bregy
  Musical entertainment by the youth association

Saas-Grund | Old village

31 July & 01 August 2023

Food and drinks are provided.
Time Program
31.07.2023 From 8 p.m. Youth Club Bar Saas-Grund
01.08.2023 From 4 p.m. Folklore parade Start: Restaurant Moulin End: village square
From 6 p.m. Food, drinks and musical entertainment by Beat Imseng in the old village
8 p.m. Speech by the President of the Municipality
8.15 p.m. Performance by the Wind Orchestra Enzian
8.30 p.m. Performance by the Ancient Music Saas-Grund
8.45 p.m. Performance by the Tambour & Piper Association Triftalp
From 9 p.m. Musical entertainment by Beat Imseng

Saas-Almagell | Village square

1 August 2023

Time Programme
5 p.m. Food, Drinks and musical entertainment with Benny
6 p.m. March-in of the associations
followed by Aperitif offered by the municipality
  Musical entertainment with Benny
  Performance of "Jodelclub Antrona"
  Performance by "Alte Dorfmusik"
  Musical entertainment with Benny
8 p.m. 1st August address by Councillor Baudinot Gerold and young citizen celebration
followed by Performance of "Kirchenchor"
  Performance "MG Mattmark" the national anthem
followed by Musical entertainment with Benny
12 a.m. End of the event

Saas-Fee | Village square

1 August 2023

Food and drinks are provided
Time Program
11 a.m. Food, Drinks and DJ Kurt
4 - 5 p.m. Handicrafts (lantern) with Lara
6.30 - 7.30 p.m. Music by the "Rosenprinzen"
7.30 p.m. Start "Star March"
7.45 p.m. Performance of the "Historical music band"
8 p.m. Speech by Beat Rieder (Member of the Council of States)
8.15 p.m. Performance of the "Folkloristic dance group" and the "Folkloristic children dance group"
8.30 p.m. Lantern parade
8.45 p.m. Young Citizen Celebration
9 p.m. Performance of the "Alphorn friends from the glacier village"
9.15 p.m. Performance of the "Yodelling club Gletscherecho"
9.30 p.m. Performance of the "Wind orchestra Alpenrösli" with the national anthem
9.45 p.m. - 12 a.m. Music by the "Rosenprinzen"
1 a.m. End of the event