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Freestyle park
Freestyle park

Freestyle park

Kickers, rails, boxes, transitions: If these expressions mean anything to you, you've come to the right place in Saas-Fee.

An experienced team prepares our top freestyle park daily. The setup is constantly adapted to the weather and the seasonal situation. This gives the park team more room for creativity. And gives you the opportunity to try out something new on almost every visit. Let's rock!

Freestyle park

Opening on 1st August - 25. October 2020


- 10 to 12 Rails (All kind of classic Rails like flatrails downrails etc)
- We also plan a bunch of special Training rails like a up rail, cap to downrail and so on.

- 3 medium Jumps 14m, 16m, 18m (Sweetspot)

- The big line will have a side hit jump (wutang)
- on the second table we will build a 18 to 20m Roller Jump.
- on the last Table will be 2 take-offs - 1 for triples / 22m sweetspot and one which will be a bit smaller.

- We also will have plenty of transitions and side hits. So fun for everyone

The Stomping Grounds

Please note that the halfpipe and the pro line are closed for pro camps on the following dates

2 - 25 October 2020

Information about the Pro Camp and the Half Pipe Session: 



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