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"TPV Saas-Balen"

77th Upper Valais Tambour and Piper Festival June 15th - 17th, 2018

From June 15th - 17th, the 77th Upper Valais Tambour & Piper Festival will be taking place in Saas-Balen with more than 1'200 active participants. For three whole days, this little village in the Saas valley will be filled with the sound of drums and pipes, people in picturesque uniforms and traditional dresses, and many more musical and culinary delights. Enjoy the sights and sounds of this special event!


Get your ticket for the 77th Upper Valais Tambour and Piper Festival 2018 in Saas-Balen. Discounted tickets can be purchased until May 31st.


Friday, June 15th, 2018

Festival tent
The Upper Valais wizard and cabaret artist Lionel Dellberg will lead you through the evening.
- 08.30 p.m.: TPV Rhone
- 09.00 p.m.: TPV Stalden
- 09.45 p.m.: Adamo
- 11.30 p.m.: Melissa Naschenweng

09.45 p.m.: Spitzbüebu

Trio CHriitergeischt


Saturday, June 16th, 2018

Festival tent
The Upper Valais wizard and cabaret artist Lionel Dellberg will lead you through the evening.
- 07.00 p.m.: TPV Eisten
- 07.30 p.m.: Ländlerkapelle Mischabel
- 08.05 p.m.: TPV Saas-Grund / Staldenried
- 08.45 p.m.: Red Hot Chili Pipers
- 09.20 p.m.: TPV Visperterminen
- 09.55 p.m.: Tambouren Kirchberg
- 10.45 p.m.: Stromstoss-Örgeler

12.00 a.m.: Ländlerkapelle Mischabel

Walliser Örgeler

Sunday, June 17th, 2018

Martin Steiner will lead you through the day.

South side round church
07.30 a.m.: Arrival of associations
- 08.45 a.m.: First interaction
- 08.55 a.m.: Welcoming by president of organizing committee Bruno Kalbermatten
- 09.00 a.m.: Festival service
- 09.50 a.m.: Flag presentation
- 10.00 a.m.: Second interaction and veteran distinction, third interaction
- 10.40 a.m.: Wine offered by commune Saas-Balen, start concerts part 1
- 11.40 a.m.: Decampment to festival hall

Festival hall sports ground
11.45 a.m.: Concert of the wind orchestra Alpenrösli Saas-Fee
- 12.00 p.m.: Lunch
- 12.30 p.m.: Start concerts part 2
- 03.30 p.m.: Start concerts part 3
- 04.55 p.m.: Speech of the association president Marcel Theler
- 05.00 p.m.: Award ceremony
- Afterwards musical entertainment by Walter Keller

Further information:

Street Food & Kids-Place

Street Food

In addition to musical entertainment, the TPV Saas-Balen also focuses on culinary delights. A large number of stands offer a wide selection of food options in the Street Food concept:

Kids Place

  • Face painting
  • Riding for kids
  • Shooting galery
  • Duck fishing
  • Bouncy castel
  • Kids carousel