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Mix race & flight

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Either take the Alpin Express 1 and 2 to the Felskinn station or to the top station. The discipline Jump is integrated into the Mix Race track and is located directly beneath the Alpin Express 2.

Try out various Alpine disciplines and overcome obstacles on a single course. You will need good technique and plenty of courage to master the slalom, steep curves and ski jump in the Mix Race & Flight disciplines.

Mix Race brings together various Alpine disciplines in one exciting and challenging mix of technique and speed. As well as slalom sections, participants must tackle giant slalom gates and steep curves. The course also includes an optional ski jump. Those who dare to take it on automatically complete the bonus discipline Adrenaline Flight and are awarded Flight points based on the distance of their jump. If you don’t want to attempt the jump, you can simply ski past it – your run still counts as participation in the Adrenaline Mix Race.

To enter the race, scan your ski pass in the Adrenaline Cup start house. Participants must complete a fault-free run incorporating all poles and gates in the fastest possible time to win. If you feel up to the challenge, you can also complete the extra ski jump (as explained above) and gain points in the bonus Flight discipline. Your time is recorded electronically throughout the entire run to form the basis for your score in this discipline. In addition, the entirety of your run is automatically filmed to create your very own ski film that you can access online afterwards and share with family and friends. Ambitious participants can also use their video to analyse their run in order to achieve a better time on their next attempt.

Put your ski jumping technique to the test and receive points and a personal video of your jump as a reward. Do you dare to take on the challenge?

This bonus discipline requires plenty of courage and effort. To complete the Adrenaline Flight, participants must conquer the ski jump on the Adrenaline Mix Race course. The landing area is divided into distance zones. Those who can face their fears and conquer the jump may well soar to the top of the table alongside the other aerial acrobats.

To participate in the bonus Flight discipline, simply complete the Adrenaline Mix Race in accordance with the rules, making sure to include the ski jump that features on the course. The distance of your jump is evaluated separately to your score in the Mix Race and converted into points, that are then entered into the Flight ranking. You can find your jump distance, points and current ranking online at under Adrenaline Cup News.

Due to a technical problem the Adrenaline Flight in the Mix Race is not working this winter. The Adrenaline Flight will be taken out of the ranking for the winter season 2017/18. Thank you for your understanding.

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