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Experience for groupes

The ideal experience for groups - fully digitised and uncomplicated

The fixed installations of the Adrenaline Cups are perfectly suited for holding company, client or group races. Do you need one of the video disciplines of slalom, parallel slalom, slalom race or the mix race? Or would you prefer to show what speed you can get up on the boards without gates? Then our speed discipline is exactly the right thing! The winner is the person to reach the highest speed - souvenir photo included.

Each participant gets points for their run. These are calculated taking a personal "handicap”, such as age and gender, into account. The participant with the most points goes to the top of the leader board and is crowned the winner at the end.

You decide, we make it happen

Whether you only want to do individual disciplines or if you prefer multiple disciplines - it’s up to you. You can also choose whether to have an adrenalin coach at your side during the competition or whether you prefer to be completely on your own and contest the races for yourselves. In the evening, if you want, we can put on a presentation ceremony and show the photos and videos of the day on our screen. All videos, photos, speeds and times can also be viewed, and proudly presented at home, by each participant online.

We will be happy to design offers individually and put them together according to your wishes.

Bookings and Contact

Leon Del Pedro Pera
Marketing, Saastal Bergbahnen AG
Panoramastrasse 5
3906 Saas-Fee
Tel. +41 27 958 11 28

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