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  • "Maerchenwoche Saastal"
  • "Maerchenwoche Saastal"

Fairy tale week Saas Valley

26 - 31 July 2020


Fairy tales are one of the oldest forms of literature in the world and have been delighting readers of all ages for centuries. The Saas Valley’s Fairy-Tale Week is dedicated entirely to this phenomenon. Immerse yourself in enchanting worlds of wonder, sorcery, heroes and heroines.

This summer the "Fairy tale week Saas Valley" will be staged anew.

The "Klapperlapapp - Märchen- und Geschichtenfestival", which was one of the highlights of the "Fairy tale week Saas Valley" for the last three years, will no longer be there.

Our guests should be reminded of the fairy tale theme throughout the valley this week and thus immerse themselves all the more in this world.

Program 2020

- Story time with Astrid Anthamatten

- Fairytale make-up & children's disco with the Swiss Ski School Saas-Fee

- Hike to the fairytale forest Melchboden 

- Valais Forest (Touring exhibition)

- Warm-up dance with Kian

- A surprising game show with Ismael and Xyloberto 

- Dragon crafting and flying

- Planting a tree with forest ranger Urs Andenmatten

- Storytelling with Christoph Gysel

- Story time with Jolanda Steiner

- Fairytale Train "Allalino"

- HINTER DEN GOREN TO THE OTHERWORLD "We paint a dreamlike fairy world" - Bergrestaurant Felskinn

- Dwarves search - Kreuzboden/ Weissmieshütte

- Fishing game - Aqua Allalin

Unzählige Mythen und Geschichten ranken sich um die Herkunft unseres Dorfnamens Saas-Fee. Könnte es etwa mit den Feen zu tun haben, die sich angeblich in unseren Wäldern tummeln? Wir sind uns nicht ganz sicher. Wer hier in den ruhigen Morgen- oder Abendstunden schon einmal einen kleinen Spaziergang unternommen hat, dem erscheint diese Idee nicht ganz unschlüssig. Lassen Sie sich auf diese und andere wundersame Geschichten ein.


Saastal Tourismus AG
Obere Dorfstrasse 35
CH-3906 Saas-Fee

Tel. +41 27 958 18 58


Legendary ideas for a magical holiday

A short walk along the Fairy-Tale Trail close to the fire place Melchboden is a real treat for all fans of fabulous tales. The trail is open year-round and signs placed along the path will tell you why, for example, no more serpents can be found by the road from Saas-Almagell to Saas-Fee.

There are also plenty of mystical and spectacular experiences to be had at the redesigned Ice Pavilion. Journey deep into a secret and beautiful ice palace at an altitude of 3,500 m. Discover the rich and glittering treasures hidden beneath the thick ice of the Fee Glacier, guarded by giant ice dragons, spiders and bears. Welcome to a very magical place!

Buch Sauxa-Fei

Ein wahres Märchen aus den Walliser Bergen. Auf 24 Seiten erleben die Leser das Abenteuer der Entdeckung von Saas-Fee durch die beiden mutigen Strolche Alice und Felix aus dem Unterland.

Ab sofort können Sie dieses wunderbare Kinderbuch auf dem Tourismusbüro in Saas-Fee beziehen.

CHF 15.-

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