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Animal treasure hunt

Follow a treasure map through five kilometres of trails on this exciting animal-themed treasure hunt. Starting at the Saas-Fee Tourist Office, you'll head towards the parish church, and up past the restaurant Schäferstube towards Stafelwald. At each of the hunt's eight checkpoints, you'll find a wooden box containing information on local alpine animals.

From 1st June 2020

You'll have fun learning all sorts of interesting facts about chamois, ibex, and of course our Saas Valley marmots – one of our most beloved attractions. The Saas Valley is home to tame, friendly marmots unlike those found anywhere else. All in all, the animal-themed treasure hunt takes around two hours to complete, ending back where you began at the Tourist Office. If you solve all of the clues, you can use your secret code to open the treasure chest. Crack the code and take a piece of treasure home with you!


  • About 2 hours (start and end is the tourist office in Saas-Fee)

Recommended equipment

  • Hiking clothes
  • Good footwear
  • Sun protection (cream and headgear)
  • Snacks and drinks


  • CHF 15.- (normal price)
  • CHF 12.- (with Citizens'pass)
  • Key deposit: CHF 30.-


  • The costs refer to a treasure hunter set. This includes the treasure map, a key and a small cloth bag with important accessories for the treasure hunt. You may keep this. At the end there is also a small gift for all successful treasure hunters.


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