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Blind Food Taste Sensation

Blind Food Taste Sensation - a holiday for the senses. Well, nearly. Your sense of smell and taste will still be put to the test! Just how finely-honed are your taste buds? Whomsoever manages to keep their footing in this culinary challenge, and can therefore recognise the most gastronomic specialities, will win a delectable prize!

Who will emerge as the culinary maestro?

Each participant, wearing a blindfold, will be presented one after the other with four tasting spoons. On each spoon are served three coordinated ingredients, which the tester should then proceed to taste.


  • On request


  • CHF 32.- per person (4 tasting spoons)

A tip from us

  • Combine the Blind Food Taste Sensation with a Valais Winetasting
  • Choice of 3 wines: CHF 8.80 per person
  • Choice of 5 wines: CHF 11.- per person
  • Choice of 8 wines: CHF 13.20 per person


Swiss Family Hotel Alphubel
Hügelweg 3
CH-3906 Saas-Fee

Tel. +41 27 958 63 63