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Arrival with handicap
Arrival with handicap

Arrival with handicap

  • Reisen mit Handicap
  • Arrival with handicap


More than 50% of the fleet at the PostBus branch in Brig is equipped with lifts for the disabled. Drivers are happy to help people with reduced mobility get on and off the bus. It is also possible to make requests via the SBB Handicap Call Centre.


SBB Call Center Handicap provides passengers with reduced mobility with free assistance for boarding and disembarking at base stations in Switzerland and on international routes. The service is available free of charge to all wheelchair users, as well as the disabled, blind and visually impaired, and those with mental disabilities.

Note: Reserve free assistance for boarding and alighting when travelling by train. Please phone us at least one hour before you require the assistance (or send an e-mail at least 12 hours in advance). For travel abroad: at least 48 hours in advance.


SBB Call Center Handicap

Tel. 0800 007 102 (Switzerland)
Tel. +41 51 225 78 44 (International)

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