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Ski Zenit Ski School Saas-Fee

We offer private ski lessons throughout the whole Winter, ensuring the maximum level of adaptation to each of the skiers that comes to learn and experience with us. We also offer group lessons for intermediate skiers during the high season limited to 6 skiers per instructor.
We employ different training approaches depending on the age of our athletes, dividing skiers into three age groups:
From SFr. 135

CHILDREN (3-12): Recreational learning is our main goal for this age group. We believe that children’s ski lessons should be fun and dynamic while ensuring high standards of safety. Children are intuitive learners and progress quickly regardless of whether they are first-timers or on their way to becoming advanced skiers; skiing on piste, on race courses or at the freestyle park. We divide children’s groups into four levels from beginner to advanced: First Turns, Development, All-round, and Racing & Freestyle.

TEENS (13-17): At this age group, ski instruction must be stimulating, challenging and adapted to the interests of teen skiers. This experience-based learning is achieved through a wide variety of learning situations to keep interest high. We accommodate teens ranging from beginners to developed skiers interested in on-piste, off-piste, racing and freestyle skiing. With us they are sure to find what they are looking for to keep them enthusiastic about taking ski lessons. We divide teen ski instructing into five levels from beginner to advanced: Learning the Basics, All-round, Freestyle, Racing and Freeride.

ADULTS (18 onwards): We provide our skiers with a solid technical base through a gradual and pleasant learning method through which they can enjoy every hidden corner of the ski resort in the safest and most authentic way. We can help any adult progress and eventually become a skilled skier while enjoying unforgettable experiences. We cater to all skiing levels at this age group as well: from complete beginners to carving, racing or powder skiing.

We divide adult ski instruction into four skill levels from beginner to advanced: Beginner Lessons, Intermediate to Advanced, Carving Master, Racing and Off piste & Ski Touring.

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SKI ZENIT Ski School Saas-Fee
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