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Morenia, 4b

Either take the Alpin Express 1 and 2 to the Felskinn station or the Felskinn gondola lift to the top station. Go towards the valley and follow the Adrenalin Cup signs. Keep left!

The Adrenaline Speed discipline is your opportunity to go all out. Your speed will be recorded along with a photograph of your rapid descent.

The clue is in the name with the Speed discipline: no slalom poles or gates stand in your way – your only challenge is to complete the course in the fastest possible time.

Once you have scanned your ski pass in the start house and are ready to go, it’s all about obtaining maximum velocity. A sensor measures your speed on the course and a camera captures your rapid descent in a photo. Your personal score is then calculated based on the recorded speeds of other participants. Once you have entered your ski pass number at, you will be able to view your top speed, photo and current ranking under Adrenalin Cup News.