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  • Saas-Fee
  • Saas-Grund
  • Saas-Almagell
  • Saas-Balen

Groups are welcome in the Saas Valley and feel good! Many activities, snow-sure skiing all year round, adventure and unforgettable experiences will delight our guests all year round.

With the citizens pass, the great holiday value guest card of the Free Holiday Republic of Saas-Fee, you are stress-free and mobile in summer and winter!

From the 1st night you can use the citizen pass 11 mountain railways free of charge, with the exception of the Metro Alpin, as often as you want.

All postauto journeys from Niedergut to Saas-Fee and from Saas-Grund to Mattmark are also included (not valid for arrival and departure by postauto).

Group houses with citizens' pass included

Group HousesPlaceContact personContact for registrations
Zur VispuSaas-BalenEdgar BurgenerTel. +41 (0)27 957 25 79
SaaserheimSaas-GrundPaula ZurbriggenTel. +41 (0)27 957 20 04
EliteSaas-GrundGustav BurgenerTel. +41 (0)27 957 27 15
NevitaSaas-GrundMaria LopezTel. +41 (0)79 296 53 41
Don BoscoSaas-GrundAndenmatten/ZurbriggenTel. +41 (0)78 713 42 42
TaborSaas-GrundAndenmatten/ZurbriggenTel. +41 (0)78 713 42 42
ArizonaSaas-GrundDaniel VoneschTel. +41 (0)79 665 77 44
CrestaSaas-GrundBernhard AndenmattenTel. +41 (0)27 957 29 36
MischabelblickSaas-GrundBarbara FlückigerTel. +41 (0)62 965 00 37
SchönblickSaas-GrundGilbert VenetzTel. +41 (0)27 957 22 49
AdlerSaas-GrundDaniel ZurbriggenTel. +41 (0)27 957 14 40
InselSaas-AlmagellBenedikta AndenmattenTel. +41 (0)27 957 27 44
EdelweissSaas-AlmagellGeschwister ZurbriggenTel. +41(0)27 957 24 43
WaldeggSaas-AlmagellBurger - GemeindeTel. +41(0)27 957 27 26
Lodge Edelweiss
Saas-FeeFamilie BumannTel. +41(0)27 957 21 75


If you like adventure, you'll love the Free Republic of Holidays, Saas-Fee. Climb down the ravine that leads from Saas-Fee to Saas-Grund, or go on a glacier safari. Swing through our adventure forest or go free riding. If you're looking for an adrenaline hit, action is guaranteed in the Free Republic of Holidays, Saas-Fee.

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To Discover

The Free Republic of Holidays, Saas-Fee, isn't just for sports enthusiasts; it's for everyone who wants to discover new and unique experiences. Take a look behind the scenes of the Hohsaas AG mountain rail company, or check out the highest brewery in the world.

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Be it the suckling pig festival or nostalgic ski races, a film festival or the yodelling fair – there’s always something going on in the Free Republic of Holidays, Saas-Fee, no matter what time of year it is.

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My first 4,000 metre peak

My first 4,000 metre peak. The easiest and most popular 4,000 metre peak in the region. The best package for you!
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My second 4,000 metre peak

After conquering the Alp's easiest 4,000-metre peak,our Allalin at 4,027 metres a.s.l. you may feel like pushing yourself further.
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