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Your perfect holiday week with your loved ones!

When the grown-ups want to relax, but the teenagers want more action and the little ones just want to play, that’s when the family holiday can become a bit of a balancing act. But not in Saas-Fee! Because we understand the needs of our family guests, both large and small.

And in our car-free mountain village, everyone from the “Pampers Rocker” to the grandparents just feels at home. Everyone gets to do what they want! Alongside our unique opportunities for winter sports and the breathtaking mountain scenery in the Saas Valley, families find countless opportunities to really switch off, get away from everyday life and enjoy the beauty of the place.

Outdoors, indoors, together; just the way you like it. Great animation and creative programs for children,
ski courses for every age and even a really cool kids’ disco, there’s no time for getting bored. And you’ll also get some time for undisturbed moments of wellness and relaxation

Summer family week with kids up to 12 years

Day 1

Arrival to Saas-Fee

Suitcase unpacked and you’re finally here and off for a little voyage of discovery around our car-free location. Straight away, you’ll discover a load of interesting places and activities. And one stands out quite clearly: the Feeblitz
Off for a ride on the toboggan run with the kids! 

Day 2

Hannig - Hannigalp - Melchboden - Märliweg

Hannig, with a short hike over the Hannigalp with “Brättlen” and games on the Melchboden run. From there, it’s off to the Marliweg! After a small break, you’ll hike back down to Saas-Fee. Pet the goats on the Hannigalp and learn all about Alpine life. Then up onto the Melchboden for some "Brättlen". In the afternoon, from Saas-Fee to the signpost for "Marliweg". Lots of impressions and wild stories about Saas!

Day 3

Swiss Glacier World - Skidoo Fahren - Snowtuben - Eispavillon

Visit Swiss Glacier World with skidoo rides, snow tubes, the ice pavilion…and in the evening, a little mini golf tournament for the whole family:  Swiss Glacier World at 3500m above sea level. Then down into the eternal ice in the Ice Pavilion. Mystical Worlds, a photo on the ice throne, colourful icy colours, and icy sounds that enchant every visitor. To get warmed up, it’s off into the rotating restaurant for dinner and a fantastic panoramic view over the eighteen 4000 metre high peaks. Once re-fuelled, it’s time for rock climbing, snow tubing and skiddos on the plateau. 

Day 4

Spielboden - Murmeltiere füttern - Abenteuerwald

In the morning, it’s up to Spielboden (playground) to see the marmots (groundhogs). And the afternoon will take you to the Adventure Forest. One of the first cable cars will take you up to Spielboden. Because this is one day when you’ll need to up early, and equipped with carrots and nuts for the Marmot Safari. And an enjoyable break in the beautiful Glacier Grotto along the way. And the highlight is yet to come; it’s off to the Adventure Forest. The climbing park for young and old. A whole afternoon of active climbing on the ladders, hanging off trees and obstacles from tree to tree. What a day! 

Day 5

Kreuzboden - Hohsiland - Wasserpark - Kneippen -

A visit to Kreuzboden with an unforgettable Hohsiland expedition, including playground, water park, a raft trip on the lake and many natural phenomena. A fantastic panorama of the Mischabel chain at 3200 metres, then to the first stone cairn with information on the mountains. The whole family will discover the natural phenomena and make some gadget or other for fun with Hohsi. The parents can relax on the loungers and enjoy a cold Kneipp bath treatment, the children get to play in the water park and on the Hohsi Land climbing tower and everybody gets to spend a pleasant afternoon on the Kreuzboden.

Day 6

Mattmarksee - Seerundgang - Distelalp - Miniklettersteig Saas-Grund

Today we head south, up to the Mattmark dam, the largest earth dam in Europe. There will be a short trip around the lake. Along this family friendly trail, you can enjoy, and get a close up experience, of the great alpine outdoors and the power of water. At the end of the lake, on the Distelalp, you can be amazed by the Alpine cheeses and the area offers plenty of space for a small lunch break. Back on the dam, the Mattmark restaurant can be a nice, cosy place to pop into and the view over the lake is guaranteed. On the way back, you will stop at Saas-Grund and borrow some climbing equipment from the sports shop for your first climbing experience on the small climbing route of Gstein. 

Day 7

The last day of your holiday!

Your last holiday in the Saas Valley? Did you like it and you d'ont want to leave? Then we have a good idea! Extend your holidays in the Saas Valley for a few days and the feeling of freedom continues.