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Mattmark semi-marathon
Mattmark semi-marathon

Mattmark Memorial 1965

semi marathon

11. September 2021

In September 2021 the third Mattmark semi marathon takes place. The start is next to the round chirch in Saas-Balen and leads among larch trees to Saas-Grund and Saas-Almagell towards the the hamlet "Zermeiggern". On the historical path you'll get to the dam Mattmark where the most beautiful part awaits you: the last 7 km around the beautiful lake Mattmark.

For those who prefer to take it a little easer it is also possible to only do the lake tour around lake Mattmark or participate at the Nordic Walking / Fun categorie.The kids race will be along the dam.

Trainingscamp Mattmark semi-marathon 27 - 29.08.2021

Program 2021


21.1 km, 810 m ascent, 90 m descent

The half marathon starts at the round church in Saas-Balen, then leads through magnificent larch forests past Saas-Grund and Almagell to the hamlet of Zermeiggern. On historical paths you reach the dam wall in a pleasant ascent. Finally, the most beautiful part for the runners follows, the 7-kilometre practically flat circuit around the pictorial Mattmark!

Tour data, altitude profile and map

Starting number issue: Gym Saas-Balen (from 8.00 a.m.)

Lake lap

8 km, 100m ascent, 100m descent

The 8 km lake lap offers everything a runner's heart desires: fast, flat passages alternating with rapid, short ascents. Ideal terrain for competition or training. A pleasant round for the connoisseur, but a challenge for the ambitious competitor.

Tour data, altitude profile and map

FUN semi-marathon

For all those who prefer to take it easier. Further information will follow.

Starting fee & Starting time

Cat. Years Starting fee (21.1 km) Starting fee (8 km) Starting time (21.1 km) Starting time (8 km)
U20 2009 - 2017   CHF 20.-   10.30
U20 2005 - 2008 CHF 30.- CHF 20.- 10.30 10.30
U20 2002-2004 CHF 50.- CHF 35.- 10.30 10.30
20+ 1982-2001 CHF 50.- CHF 35.- 10.30 10.30
40+ 1972-1981 CHF 50.- CHF 35.- 10.30 10.30
50+ 1962-1971 CHF 50.- CHF 35.- 10.30 10.30
60+ 1961 und älter CHF 50.- CHF 35.- 10.30 10.30
Fun Keine Rangliste CHF 50.- CHF 35.- 09.30 10.00


Gerd Zengaffinen
CH-3908 Saas-Bidermatten

Tel. +41 78 815 18 11

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