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Nostalgic Culinary Mile
Nostalgic Culinary Mile

Nostalgic Culinary Mile

10 september 2023

The Culinary Mile turns back the time and presents life and delicacies from the past. About 30 menus and a variety of local wines are waiting to be tasted.
Along the main village street the owners of our traditional hotels and restaurants will serve a huge variety of food and beverages. The Nostalgic Culinary Mile will take place in Saas-Fee on September 10th 2023. The event, which has now become a tradition in the village, is eagerly anticipated by people of all ages and is an ideal opportunity for visitors to experience the culture and traditions of the Valais, as well as indulging in a wide range of culinary specialties.

So come along in your granny's dress or great-grandpa's old trousers and revel in the culinary traditions of the past.

Program 2023

Programme follows!