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Farmers festivals
Farmers festivals

Experience the traditions

July - September

Pure tradition - Our alpine festivals and cow fights are legendary

In summer the famers of the Saas Valley let the cow and the goat out!

Absolute family fun! From June to September you have the opportunity to take part in original folklore events. Traditional alpine festivals characterise the Saas Valley summer. Experience beautiful days in good company and a fantastic atmosphere. Experience the exciting cow fights followed by a cosy party with raclette, music and other Valaisan specialities. Cultural entertainment for the whole family


Ascent to the Alps

19.06.2021 | Ascent to the Distelalp | Saas-Almagell

Experience this historic custom when the cows are brought to the alp for the summer.

Zermeiggern (Above the balancing basin).

Programme 2021:
- 10 a.m.: Festivities - Menu: Ragout with polenta
- 11 a.m.: Start of the fights


19.06.2021 | Ascent to the Alpe Hannig | Saas-Fee

Accompany the goats to Alpe Hannig for summering.

Programm 2021:
- From 9 p.m.: Gathering of the goats, helpers & guests at the upper car park (P1) in the direction of Wildi to move together to Hannigalp.
- Further information will be provided on site. 

27.06.2021 | Ascent to the Triftalp | Saas-Grund

The alpine team of Triftalp are looking forward to a few cosy hours.

Programm 2021:
10 a.m.: Arrival of the cows
11 a.m.: Holy mass
12 p.m.: Start of the ring cow fights

Catering: Meat, Bratwurst & Ribs
Arrival: Exit Triftalp for CHF 10.- (ascent & descent)
Protection concept: The current corona measures apply.

Farmers festivals

18.07.2021 | Yodel Fair | Kreuzboden, Saas-Grund

Yodelling Mass at Kreuzboden - An event very close to heaven. Combining Holy Mass with musical entertainment with the Grubenalp Yodelling Club.

- 11 a.m.: Holy Mass by the lake at Kreuzboden.
- Afterwards, guests meet at the Kreuzboden Restaurant for a BBQ on the sun terrace.

08.08.2021 | Big Goat Festival | Restaurant Alpenblick, Saas-Fee

An unforgettable day in the most beautiful mountain scenery with live folk music right next to the grazing goats. The well-known goat expert Peter Baumann presents 9 different original Swiss goat breeds with regard to origin, identification, milk yield etc. and shows you many characteristics of these very interesting and curious animals in a demonstration.
At the market stall, pure, traditionally natural goat milk products from the Alpe Hannig will be on sale.

- 10.30 a.m. Arrival of the goats from Alpe Hannig at the pasture near the Alpenblick restaurant.
- From 10.30 a.m. until closing time: Festival with musical entertainment by the "Saaser Grüess" country band at the Restaurant Alpenblick Saas-Fee.
- 14.30 p.m. Presentation of the 9 Swiss goat breeds (goat expert Peter Baumann, Grindelwald).
- Enjoy a goat or cow cheese raclette, goat grilled sausages, bratwurst, chips, Aelplermakaronen, special desserts and much more.

The Alpe Hannig Alpine team, the Alpe Hannig Foundation and the Restaurant Alpenblick are looking forward to your visit and a wonderful day!

15.08.2021 | Farmers festival Triftalp | Saas-Grund 

Mountains, cows and cheese. A stereotype, indeed. And yes, the farmers are proud of their cows and therefore it is not surprising that everyone gathers on the mountain to crown the strongest ring cow of the summer.

- 11 a.m.: Holy Mass , followed by entertainment with the Aletsch Music, the Yodel Club Antrona & Nando & David in the wine tavern.
- 1 p.m.: Stone throwing and sale of alpine cheese and Ziger.
- From 3.30 p.m.: Saas meat soup
- 4 p.m.: Crowning of the Alpine Queen and Dairy Cow of the Summer

15.08.2021 | Yodeling Festival & Farmers festival Hoferalp | Saas-Balen

Yodeling Festival & Farmers festival at the Hoferälpi in Saas-Balen with the yodel club Grubenalp from Saas-Balen

- 11 a.m.: Holy Mass
- afterwards: Festival restaurant, cheese sale & Music entertainment by Yodelling Club Grubenalp

Descent from the Alps

11.09.2021 | Descent from the Hoferalp | Saas-Balen

Experience how the Alpine herdsmen return to their villlage after a summer up on the Alp. The cows are beautifully decorated.

Programm 2021:
- 10 a.m.: Alpine procession from "Hoferälpji".
- approx. 12 p.m.: Arrival of the procession in Saas-Balen.
- Afterwards the is a Big cheese sale and festive food & drinks in Saas-Balen

18.09.2021 | Descent from the Alpe Hannig |  Saas-Fee

In autumn, the goats are very fit and have a great urge to leave the mountain. 

Program 2021:
- 09.15 a.m.:  Gathering for spectators and companions for the "last alpine pasture" in the Stafelwald region.
- Followed by a procession through the village (via church - community centre - upper village street - tourist office - parking lot P1).



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