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Bergschuh im Sonnenaufgang
Closed up Bergsteigerin

The name is the programme

Next to the Dom, the Nadelhorn is the most frequently visited peak in the Mischabel massif. The northernmost peak of the huge rock and firn wall of the Mischabel massif. From Saas-Fee, this mountain is only visible to a limited extent.


Key Facts:

First ascent: 16 September 1858 by Franz Andenmatten, Baptiste Epiney, Aloys Supersaxo and Joseph Zimmermann.

Altitude: 4,327 m asl

From the Mischabelhütte via the northeast ridge | WS
Traverse Lenzspitze/ Nadelhorn | ZS
Traverse from the Bordierhütte via the Nadelgrat to the Mischaeblhütte | ZS


Special features & origin of name

If you look at the Nadelhorn from the southwest, you can see an oval hole directly below the pointed summit. Hence the name.

Mountain - & SAC huts near

The Mischabelhütte is located on a narrow rocky ridge between the Hohbalm and Fall glaciers at an altitude of 3,340 m asl, making it the third-highest SAC hut in Switzerland. The steep ascent (four hours from Saas-Fee, three hours from Hannigalp) is strenuous, but the reward at the top is more than worth it. The view into the distance and into the depths is breathtaking!

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If you have any questions or would like to book a tour, the mountain guide offices in Saas-Fee/Saastal are happy to help.

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Surrounding glaciers

The Nadelhorn lies between the Hohberg and Ried glaciers. The Riedgletscher is a valley glacier on the northern flank of the Mischabelgruppe. The Hohberg glacier is located on the west side of the Mischabel Group. The Hohberg glacier originates at the summit of the Dom (4545 m asl) and covers the entire northwest flank of the Dom.