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Bergschuh im Sonnenaufgang
Closed up Bergsteigerin

Hohbärghorn 4,219 m asl

The Hohbärghorn lies in the middle of the Nadelgrat. It is connected to the Riedgletscher via the northern flank.


Key Facts: 

First ascent:  In August 1869 by R. B. Heathcote with the three mountain guides Franz Biner, Peter Perren und Peter Taugwalder.

Altitude: 4,219 m asl

From the Mischabel hut - north ridge via Dürrenjoch | Difficulty: ZS

Special features & origin of name

The Hohbärghorn is glaciated in the north and rocky in the south. The former "Hohberghorn" was given the dialect name "Hohbärghorn" a few years ago.

Mountain and SAC huts nearby

The Domhütte is a central starting point for climbing 7 four-thousanders and offers a dreamlike mountain scenery for mountaineers and hikers. It is located in a high alpine landscape and can be reached from Randa in about 4.5 hours via a high alpine approach. The trail leads first through a beautiful larch forest and then over rocks to the hut. Adventurous! The ascent over the rocks is always well secured with ropes, ice axes or ladders. Ibex, marmots and even snow grouse are not uncommon. Once you have reached 2,940 m asl, you can enjoy a magnificent panorama from the hut, which was completely renovated in 2012.

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The Mischabelhütte is located on a narrow rocky ridge between the Hohbalm and Fall glaciers at an altitude of 3,340 m asl, making it the third-highest SAC hut in Switzerland. The steep ascent (four hours from Saas-Fee, three hours from Hannigalp) is strenuous, but the reward at the top is more than worth it. The view into the distance and into the depths is breathtaking!

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Mountain guide offices

If you have any questions or would like to book a tour, the mountain guide offices in Saas-Fee/Saastal are happy to help.

Zu den Bergführerbüros

Surrounding glaciers

The Ried Glacier is a valley glacier on the north side of the Mischabel group.