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Closed up Bergsteigerin

Dom 4'545 m.a.s.l.

The highest Swiss mountain

The gem of the Mischabel chain - the Saas side is mighty, the western flank gentle and quiet. At 4,545 m asl, it is the highest mountain in Switzerland.


Key Facts: 

First ascent: 11 September 1858 by J. Llewellyn Davies, Johannes Zumtaugwald, Johann Kronig and Hieronymous Brantschen.

Altitude: 4,545 m asl

    North flank (normal route) Difficulty: WS+
    Festigrat difficulty: WS+


Special features & origin of name

The locals used to call it Grabenhorn. It was Domherr Berthold from Sitten who established the name Dom as the final name. In August 1833, he went to the Mischabel massif for surveying and named the mountain in the middle Dom. 25 years later, the highest mountain in Switzerland was climbed for the first time.

This peak belongs to the Mischabel massif. How did the Mischabel get its name? Mischabel is simply derived from the word "fork", and the Täschhorn, Dom and Lenzspitze strive upwards like the trident of a fork. The Mischabel range stretches over six kilometers and includes seven four-thousanders.

Mountain and SAC huts nearby

The Mischabelhütte is located on a narrow rocky ridge between the Hohbalm and Fall glaciers at an altitude of 3,340 m asl, making it the third-highest SAC hut in Switzerland. The steep ascent (four hours from Saas-Fee, three hours from Hannigalp) is strenuous, but the reward at the top is more than worth it. The view into the distance and into the depths is breathtaking!

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If you have any questions or would like to book a tour, the mountain guide offices in Saas-Fee/Saastal are happy to help.

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Surrounding glaciers

Hohberg glacier

The Hohberg glacier is located on the west side of the Mischabel massif. It has a length of about 4 km and covers an area of about 3.4 km². The starting point of the glacier is on the summit of the Dom.