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Outdoor Wellness Closed Up Wasser
Outdoor Wellness am Wasser

The Capra Peak Health Spa

The Capra Spa is operated and managed by Peak Health. At Peak Health, our goal is not only to help you relax, but to develop your own personal strategies to improve your health and fitness in the long term and sustainably, long after you have been here with us.


The Peak Health Spa at The Capra is a luxurious spa that includes a sauna, steam room, salt therapy room, foot hydrotherapy, adventure showers, indoor pool, outdoor hydrotherapy pool, fully equipped gym and studio for yoga and other classes, three treatment rooms and a relaxation area.

The mental resilience of our guests is very important to us, therefore we offer daily free yoga, meditation or Qigong classes.

All offers

Day Spa

Daily 8am to 9pm
CHF 65.-
CHF 85.- incl. daily course at 4.45pm

Private Spa

In addition to the luxury spa, there is a private spa with sauna, steam bath and hydrotherapy pool.

Opening times: daily from 8am to 11pm.

Private Spa 90 MinCHF 190.-
Private Spa 120 MinCHF 250.-
Each additional hourCHF 90.-

Peak Health treatments

Focusing on your personal needs, we have uniquely curated treatments including customised facials, therapeutic massages, body packages, muscle recovery, detox treatments and private classes. Our product offerings are based on natural, organic ingredients and clean science. Our curated list includes Biologique Recherche – Swiss Anti-aging Science, The Organic Pharmacy - luxuries organic brand from UK and Alpienne - Austrian Organic Plants from the Alps.

Peak Health Retreats

Peak Health offers a fully immersive retreat programme that helps you cut through the noise around wellness and understand which small changes will make the biggest impact to help you transform your lifestyle. Being able to operate at peak performance is increasingly important in a busy, stressful and challenging world. Wellness is not a luxury but instead crucial for success on both an individual and global level. At Peak Health our goal is not only to help you relax and unwind, but to help you develop personal strategies that maintain health and fitness and help you operate at peak performance long after you have left our doors. Through a precise wellness assessment, we provide personalised support in our key areas, namely, Nutrition, Fitness, Mental Resilience, Sleep, and Habits, for sustaining optimal health. By focusing on healthy behavioural and cognitive changes, we create sustainable solutions to wellness improvement.

Have a look at our experience for updates on Peak Health Retreat dates and special expert events, or visit the Peak Health website. Learn more about Peak Health Retreats.


The Capra
Lomattenstrasse 6,
CH-3906 Saas-Fee

Tel: +41 27 958 13 58