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  • Hiking Tours in the Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee

Mountain tours and hiking tours

Take to the Free Republic of Holidays, Saas-Fee by foot.

Whether you're interested in a gentle hike or a high altitude Alpine tour, the Free Republic of Holidays, Saas-Fee is a diverse outdoor paradise where, across 350km of trails, your view of our 18 impressive 4,000-metre peaks is constantly changing. With our professional mountain guides on hand, you'll also have the chance to climb those peaks. The easiest climb is the Allalin (4027m above sea level), starting from the mountain station of the world's highest tram: the Metro Alpin.

Status Wanderwege

Name Duration Length Ascent Descent Difficulty Start End Status Remark
Dorfrundweg Saas-Fee 1:00h 7.2 km 227m 227m easy Tourismusbüro Saas-Fee circular trail open
Erlebnisweg Saas-Almagell 1:30h 3.6 km 386 m 93 m difficult blue-white Bergstation Furggstalden Almagelleralpe open
Almageller Höhenweg 3:30h 10.1 km 204 m 931 m medium Kreuzboden Saas-Almagell open
Mattmark-Stausee-Rundgang Promenade 2:30h 8.5 km 110 m 110 m easy Restaurant Mattmark circular trail open
Höhenweg Grächen 6:00h 16.1 km 644 m 963 m difficult Hannig Grächen Saas-Fee open
Waldweg Bodmen 0:45h 3.2 km 20 m 153 m easy Post Saas-Fee Saas-Almagell open
Gemsweg 4:00h 9 km 684 m 450 m medium Hannig Plattjen open
Glacier-Trail 4:30h 9.1 km 309 m 1091 m difficult (T4 alpine hiking) Felskinn Mattmark open It is recommended to walk the way from Mattmark to the Britanniahütte in the morning, because in the afternoon the ascent is made more difficult by melt water. (Good shoes, sticks)
Almagellerhütte SAC 6:00h 18 km 1607 m medium Saas-Almagell Saas-Almagell open Ascent to the hut approx. 3 hours
Suonenweg 1:30h 5.8 km 187 m 309 m easy Saas-Almagell Saas-Grund open
Weg der Stille 1:00h 1.7 km 48 m 67 m easy Saas-Grund St. Antonius Kapelle open
Alpenblumenpromenade 3:00h 10.6 km 147 m 986 m difficult Kreuzboden Saas-Grund open
Weg der 4000er 0:45h 1.4 km 94 m 94 m medium Hohsaas circular trail closed
Carl Zuckmayer Weg 1:30h 4.4 km 220 m 220 m medium Haus Vogelweide Saas-Fee circular trail open
Gletscherlehrpfad 1:30h 1.9 km 205 m 27 m medium Talstation Felskinn Gletschergrotte open
Kapellenweg 0:45h 1.3 km 214 m easy Camping Kapellenweg Aqua Allalin open
Maultierweg 0:45h 1.3 km 260 m easy Saas-Grund Wildi open
Weg der Eindrücke 5:15h 9.2 km 1578 m difficult Saas-Grund Talstation Hohsaas open open to Weissmieshütte
Schweizerpfad 1:45h 2.9 km 522 m very difficult Saas-Grund Talstation Triftalp open
Wellness- und Genussweg 1:00h 1.2 km 44 m 44 m medium Kreuzboden circular trail open not suitable for baby strollers for the moment.
Waldlehrpfad 0:30h 1.7 km 221 m medium Furggstalden Saas-Almagell open
Rundweg Furggstalden 2:30h 5.9 km 405 m 395 m medium Saas-Almagell circular trail open
Weg der Alpen 1:00h 2.6 km 91 m 91 m medium Tewald Oberi Brend open
Klettersteig Jägihorn 7:00h 6.6 km 839 m 839 m quite difficult Saas Grund Bergstation Kreuzboden open
Meditativer Rundweg Saas-Fee 1:30h 4 km 198 m 198 m easy Pfarrkirche SF Pfarrkirche SF closed
Steinwildpfad 4:00h 8.3 km 424 m 951 m difficult Bergstation Hannig Wildi open
Pass zur goldenen Maria (Monte-Moro) 3:00 h 7.4 km 721 m 148 m difficult Restaurant Mattmark Passhöhe open
Klettersteig Jägihorn 7:00h 6.6 km 839 m 839 m quite difficult Saas Grund Kreuzboden Saas Grund Kreuzboden open snow on descent
Klettersteig Mittaghorn 5:30 h 3.3 km 571 m mittel Morenia Plattjen open

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Monte Rosa Tour A classic trek through the region.

It takes between seven and eight days to complete the full circuit, but each of the nine stages is a great hike in its own right. Some of them even take you into neighbouring Italy.

Requirements and useful information

  • Good hiking boots
  • Waterproof clothing
  • Sun protection (sun cream and a sunhat)
  • Small first-aid kit
  • Vitamin-rich foods (e.g. fruit)
  • Foods rich in fibre and carbohydrates (e.g. Valais sausages, dried meats, bread and chocolate)
  • Plenty of fluids. Fizzy drinks not recommended

The nine stages

The Monte Rosa tour is divided into nine stages, each of which is precisely described in the book Tour Monte Rosa - Matterhorn, which is available in the Saas Valley's tourist offices and from


We recommend booking your accommodation in advance. Plan your tour thoroughly and make sure you train properly for this challenging hike.

Important information about the Gsponer Höhenweg

Because of the new construction of the Stalden - Staldenried - Gspon aerial cableway, a bus transport is organized on this route. Timetable Postcar

For the Staldenried - Gspon route, the place in the bus must be reserved in good time: +41 27 952 12 35. 

We recommend starting the Höhenweg in Gspon.

  • Tour Monte Rosa Saas-Fee
  • Tour Monte Rosa
  • Tour Monte Rosa - Mattmark Lake
  • Tour Monte Rosa

The High Alpine Pilgrims' Path: A trail between nature and spirituality The new high Alpine path from Saas-Fee to Italy.

60 km. 5 stages. 2 countries. ‘If you’re going to do something, do it well’ is the motto of this spiritual, high alpine pilgrims' way from Saas-Fee to Italy, which crosses boundaries in more ways than one. Embark on 60 breathtaking kilometres, where you can leave the everyday behind, and let your soul be stirred.

The shortest section of the path leads from Saas-Almagell over what was once the Chapel Trail from Saas-Fee, and lasts around 90 minutes – depending on how long you want to spend sightseeing, as there’s plenty to see here. For example, the famous chapel, "Maria zur Hohen Stiege" is certainly worth a visit. The highest point of the pilgrims' way is situated 2838m above sea level and takes you over the fantastic Antron Pass, part of one of the oldest mountain passes in the Saas valley, surrounded by unforgettable views. Coins have been discovered on the pass, suggesting that it was once used by the Romans in 324-500BC.

In addition to the unforgettable experience of being surrounded by nature, the pilgrims' way is dotted with stations where you can stop a while and learn interesting facts about the region. Whether it’s a commemorative plaque, a Buddhist centre in Bordo, the way of the cross to the holy Monte Calvario, or the Heidbome Panorama Path: on the new pilgrims' way, everyone will find their own individual, spiritual path to nature. The journey is an experience that inspires in every sense, and allows everyone to follow their own path.


More information about the the High Alpine Pilgrims' Path
  • Antronapass

Guided hikes Experience greatest hhikes with a professional guide.

Hike with Saas-Fee Guides
+41 (0)27 957 44 64

Various day tours are offered and arranges by Saas-Fee Guides based on your wishes. 

More information

Hike with Lori Bigler-Bumann
+41(0)27 958 60 00

Enjoy nature together. Have fun, share joy and learn much worth knowing with the professional hiking guide Lori Bigler-Bumann. 

More information

Hike with André Zurbriggen
+41 (0) 79 730 16 18


André Zurbriggen offers various half-day and day tours around Saas-Fee. 

More information

Hike with Hilda Kalbermatten
+41 (0)79 350 26 50


Hilda Kalbermatten offers various hiking and snow-shoe tours in and around Saas-Fee. 

More information

Hike with Kurt Andenmatten
+41 (0)78 605 34 39

"Guided hike"

Experience the mountains together with hiking guide Kurt Andenmatten.

Hike with Michaela Berchthold
+41 (0)78 744 70 22

"Guided hike"

Experience the mountains together with guide Michaela Berchtold.

Flower Walks App

The "Flower Walks" app from us and Pro Natura Aargau is online, on the website you can find the links on the App Store and on Google Play and can also access the entire contents of the app directly on the website.

On the app and on the website you will find:

- 42 botanical expeditions all over Switzerland
- Nearly 900 plant species
- Over 60 described habitats
- 4500 photos
- A lot of interesting things about plants (the whole text corresponds to 300 book pages).

You will find these hiking tours of the Saas Valley in the Flower Walks App:

- The hiking tour "Im Bann des Fee-Gletschers" from Kreuzboden to Saas-Grund
- The hiking tour "Alpenblumenpromenade" from Hannig to Saas-Fee



Tour list Find a hiking route that suits you best.

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Snowshoe trails and winter hikes A great way to explore the Saas valley in winter!


Fancy a change of scenery? You're certainly spoilt for choice in that respect in the Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee! 

more information

Themed and educational trails

Discover magnificent themed and educational trails in the Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee and learn interesting facts about Alpine flowers, glaciers, water channels and much more. 

more information

Summer-Free cableway travel

Thanks to the Citizens' pass, you can enjoy unlimited travel in summer from your very first night’s stay on all 8 cableways except Metro Alpin. 

more information