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Glacier World

Rarely are you as close to the glaciers as on Längfluh (2869 m a.s.l.). If you want to go one step further, it is best to join a mountain guide for a tour on the Fee glacier or visit the glacier lake. The starting point is the Längfluh mountain station. From there you can hike comfortably to the glacier lake in about a quarter of an hour.

The cable cars are included from the 1st overnight stay with the SaastalCard!

Mountain restaurant Steinhütte Längfluh

In a sunny location in the Längfluh glacier area lies the Steinhütte Längfluh. In addition to delicious food with a view of a breathtaking panorama.

Mountain restaurant Steinhütte Längfluh


✔️ Enjoy the view of the Fee Glacier

✔️ Visit the glacier lake

✔️ Experience the glacier world on a glacier trekking tour

✔️ Build stone manikins

✔️ Hike to Spielboden

Cable cars

You can reach the outstanding Längfluh viewpoint from the village by cable car in around 20 minutes.

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Discover the beautiful hike from Längfluh to Saas-Fee.