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Furggstalden & Heidbodme
Furggstalden & Heidbodme

Furggstalden & Heidbodmen

Place of relaxation

Relax above Saas-Almagell on Furggstalden (1,893 m a.s.l.) or Heidbodme (2,400 m a.s.l.). In addition to the unique view of the rear Saas Valley and Saas-Almagell, there are many typical old Valais houses to admire here. The adventurous Almagell adventure trail to Almagelleralp also starts at Furggstalden.Those who do not want to walk to Saas-Almagell can also take the scooter down.

The cable cars are included from the 1st night with the SaastalCard!

Mountain restaurant Alpina

The mountain restaurant Alpina is located in the enchanting hamlet of Furggstalden, in the heart of the impressive mountain world of the Saas Valley with numerous peaks over 4000 metres high. Here, the little guests can let off steam in a playground.

Mountain restaurant Alpina

Mountain restaurant Furggstalden

Family mountain restaurant in a sunny location in the middle of the hiking and skiing area.

Mountain restaurant Furggstalden

Mountain restaurant Heidbodme

Enjoy the panorama of the Monte Rosa chain with the highest border mountain in Switzerland as well as the Saas mountain world.

Mountain restaurant Heidbodme


Try the delicious smugglers' macaroni in the Almagelleralp and enjoy a dreamlike view.



✔️ Viewpoint Heidbodmen

✔️ Typical valaisan houses

✔️ Almagell adventure trail

✔️ Hell-Chessi

✔️ Scooter fun

Cable cars

You can reach Furggstalden and Heidbodme from Saas-Almagell by chairlift.

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Discover the relaxing hikes at Furggstalden and Heidbodmen.

Mountain biking

Discover the cycling routes around Furggstalden and Heidbodmen.