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FIFA Worldcup 2018 - Public Viewing 14 June - 15 July 2018

Thanks to live broadcasting you can share the thrill of all the games of the FIFA Worldcup in Russland even here in the Saas Valley.

Public Viewing on a huge LED Screen old village Saas-Grund (Kulturbühne)

  • Watch every match of the FIFA Wolrdcup at the old village in Saas-Grund
  • Food and beverage available

Further Public Viewing spots

Public Viewing on huge LED screen

  • Steinbockbar, Saas-Fee
  • Hotel Popcorn, Saas-Fee
  • Ferienart Resort & Spa, Saas-Fee (from June 22nd) PDF
  • Platzhirsch, Saas-Grund (from 5 p.m. on)
  • Groovy Bar, Saas-Almagell

Public Viewing on TV

  • Tea-Room Imseng, Saas-Fee
  • Bar Pic-Pic, Saas-Fee
  • Nesti's Ski Bar, Saas-Fee
  • Hotel-Restaurant Bergheimat, Saas-Grund
  • Restaurant Mattmarkblick, Saas-Almagell