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Alpine Processions / Farmers festivals / Cow fights June - September 2018

The Saas Valley is rich in tradition, and from June to September you can experience some of our most famous cultural events for yourself.

With traditional Alpine processions, yodelling festivals, cow fights and the coronation of the queen of the herd, our program offers entertainment for the whole family!

Cow fights in the Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee
Cow fights in the Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee


June 16, 2018
Alpine procession Distelalp

June 17, 2018
Alpine procession and cow fights Eyenalp

June 23, 2018
Alpine procession of the goats to Hannigalp

09.15 a.m. Gathering of the goats, helpers and visitors at the upper parkinglot by the Wildi. Hike up to the Hannigalp, where refreshments are waiting for the helpers. Animal-lovers have the possibility to become a godfather of a goat.

Don't miss the option to learn how to make cheese with a degustation of goat-milk products. Every Tuesday starting on July 3 until the third week of September 2018. Inscription required: tel. +41 (0)79 358 55 57. More information:
Subject to change.

June 24, 2018
Alpine procession and cow fights Triftalp
09.30 a.m. Arrival of the procession
11.00 a.m. Holy mass
11.45 a.m. Start of the cow fights
During the cow fights you will enjoy musical entertainment. Food and beverages will be served at the tent.
The cablecar Kreuzboden will be in service from 8 a.m. - 6.30 p.m., with the stop at Triftalp.

June 30, 2018
Alpine procession Furggalp
At 11.00 a.m., the alpine procession starts at the "Ausgleichsbecken" in Zermeiggern. There is a barbecue and later, around 5.00 p.m., the cows go to the alp.

July 15, 2018
Yodelling mass on Kreuzboden
This year, the yodelling club Grindelwald brightens up the open-air mass with priest Amadé Brigger and the majestic panorama.

10.00 a.m.   Arrival of Guests
11.00 a.m.   Mass
1.00 p.m.    Barbecue with musical enterrtainment in the Restaurant Kreuzboden
4.00 p.m.    Worldcup final in Saas-Grund

August 4, 2018
Goat Festival on the post square in Saas-Fee

A great occasion to watch goats on close range.

  • from 11.00 a.m.: Start of the festival on the post square in Saas-Fee with am market, music, food and beverage
  • 11.15 a.m.: Dotting of the Schwarzhals goats
  • 12.15 a.m.: Performance of the Kids Folkloristic dance group
  • 14.15 p.m.: Performance of the Kids Folkloristic dance group
  • 2.30  p.m.: Presentation of different Goat races by national experts
  • afterwards: Goat procession trough Saas-Fee

August 15, 2018
Alpine farmers festival on Triftalp
Every year, the locals come together to celebrate the traditions and the cultural life of the valley. It's a beautiful chance for everybody.

11.00 a.m.: Mass together with "Jodelduett Geschwister Lorenz"
Afterwards: Musical entertainment
1.30 p.m.: Stone throwing
3.30 p.m.: Saas Meat Soup
4.00 p.m.: Coronation of Alp Queen and Milk Cow

Canteen service: Saaser Gsottus, Raclette, sausages and und schnitzel
Selling of alp cheese and "Ziger"

The cablecar Kreuzboden will be in service from 8 a.m. - 6.30 p.m., with the stop at Triftalp.

August 18, 2018
Alpine farmers festival at the Hoferalp (Saas-Balen)

The massstarts at 11 a.m. on the Hoferalp. Afterwards, the "Älplerfest" will take place. You can expect a social gathering and domestic alp cheese.

The Hoferalp can be reached in approximately one hour by foot from Kreuzboden.


September 8, 2018
Alpine procession from Hoferalp to Saas-Balen

Experience how the Alpine herdsmen return to their villlage after a summer up on the Alp. The cows are beautifully decorated.
10 a.m.       Alpine procession from "Hoferälpji"
ca. 12 p.m.  Arrival of the procession in Saas-Balen.
Afterwards: Big cheese sale and festive food & drinks in Saas-Balen.

September 15 or 22, 2018
Alpine procession from Alpe Hannig to Saas-Fee

Accompany the goats returning from the Alpe Hannig to Saas-Fee. At about 10.30, after a "refreshment" for the goats in the Stafelwald, they will continue their parade through the glacier village Saas-Fee.
09.15 a.m. Meeting point on Alpe Hannig
09.30 a.m. Start of alp-descent

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