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[Translate to English:] "Glacier Bike Downhill"

Glacier Bike Downhill

06 March 2021

From the glacier down to the village on two wheels.

This incredible event really gets the adrenaline pumping - for the spectators as well as the competitors! Bike races on earth or tarmac can be fast enough, but here the daredevil cyclists are racing downhill at breakneck speeds on ice and snow! And they have to master a height difference of 1,700 m, starting from an elevation of 3,500 m.

The bikers start at Mittelallain on 3,500 m. The starting process from the last year will be maintained. They will start in different blocks. The starting block allocation is made based on the ranking point of the prevoius years.


Afterwards they ride down to the glacier village at 1,800 m. And it's not just their rivals the competitors have to worry about as they have to take on a steep track covered in snow and ice. A big challenge for even the most experienced mountain bikers!

After the race is over and the competitors have been rewarded with reenergising snacks and drinks, a prize-giving ceremony is held at the finish line.

 Program 2020 Spectators Map of the track  Roll of honor

Review Program 2020

Date Topic Time Place
Friday, 13.03.2020 Training 5.45 a.m. Alpin Express
  Distribution starting nummer 1.00 - 5.30 p.m. Alpin Express (Entrance "Verwaltung", 2nd floor)
  Track inspection (possible with skis aswell) 3.30 p.m. Exit Alpin Express
  Welcome and get together (Live Band: Rumble Tumble) 7 p.m. Rock Café
Saturday, 14.03.2020      
  Access times according number (will be updated)    
  Number 1 – 55 / red 05.40 a.m. Alpin Express
  Number 56 – 110 / blue 05.50 a.m. Alpin Express
  Number 111 – 165 / yellow 06.00 a.m. Alpin Express
  Number 166 - 230 / green 06.10 a.m. Alpin Express
  Start Race 07.15 a.m. Mittelallalin
  Live Band (Rumble Tumble and Prize giving (Prices with a total value of CHF 5000.-) after the race The LARIX


Saastal Bergbahnen AG
Panoramastrasse 5
CH-3906 Saas-Fee

Tel. +41 27 958 11 00



Spectators in the ski area

Specators (with or without skis) can access the ski area as follows:

  • Last ride to Mittelallalin: 06.30 a.m. from Saas-Fee Alpin Express
  • Last ride to Mittelallalin: 06.45 a.m. from Morenia
  • Last ride to Felskinn: 07.00 a.m. from Morenia
  • Last ride to Morenia: 07.00 a.m. from Saas-Fee Alpin Express

Spectators in the finish area (Sportplatz Kalbermatten)
The first riders already get to the finish area in less than 8 minutes after the start. (Start at 07.15 a.m.)


Map of the track

Roll of honor

Track record

Time: 7:10,8
Racer: Patrik Koller, La Punt-Chamues-ch
Year: 2018

2019 Men Main class Time Women Time Men Senior class Time
Race cancelled            
2018 Men Main class Time Women Time Men Senior class Time
1st place Patrick Koller 07:10.8 Caroline Gehring 17:18.3 Bernhard Rösch 07:28.0
2nd place Mike Schuler 7:12.1 Tina Göbel 33:57.3 Fabien Navilloux 7:42.6
3rd place Roger Sigrist 07:13.3     Michael Rüegg 07:47
2017* Men Main class Time Women Time Men Senior class Time
1st place Roger Sigrist 5:32.0 Julia Müller 09.30.2 Lukas Albert 5:31.5
2nd place Koller Patrick 5.41.7 Stéphanie Tricot 9.50.1 Bernhard Rösch 5.58.4
3rd place Stefan Jerney 5.41.8 Caroline Gehring 10:30.2 Stefan Dolder 6.02.2
2016 Lukas Albert 7:28.8 Barbara Stettler 13:19.5 Michael Rüegg 7:38.3
2015 Patrik Koller 7:39.3 Barbara Stettler 13:02.2    
2014 Philipp Bont 8:35.0 Anne Heiland 18:29.9    
2013 Charly Di Pasquale 7:50.3 Alba Wunderlin 16:03.4    
2012 Charly Di Pasquale 7:31.4 Ines Wyrsch 13:02.7    
2011 Bernhard Rösch 7:59.9 Doro Lindtke 11:30.3    
2010* Stephan Noser 6:19.0 Doro Lindtke 10:35.0    
2008 Stephan Noser 8:31.0 Andrea Zak 18:33.0    
2007 Stephan Noser 7:41.0 Claudia Känel 13:07.0    
2006 Stephan Noser 8:13.3 Tina Loew 18:54.5    
2005 Björn Aeschlimann 12:21.0 Nadia Latka 20:21.0    
2004 Ueli Guntli 9:17.0 Sidonie Jolidon 14:19.0    
* short route