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Fun parks

Kickers, rails, boxes, transitions 

If those terms mean anything to you, then you’re in the right place at the Free Republic of Holidays, Saas-Fee!

Freestyle park Saas-Fee

Fly away freestylers!

A dedicated team looks after our top Freestyle Park every single day. This means the set-up is adapted based on the weather and seasonal conditions, giving the park team more creative license and you the opportunity to try out something new almost every time you visit. Get ready to rock!

Alessandro Boyens gepostet auf Transworld

Alessandro Boyens in Saas-Fee

Morenia Freestyle Park (Winter only)

The Morenia Winter Park offers something for everyone – from beginners to experienced snowboarders and free skiers. Obstacles are arranged by level of difficulty, so you can be sure that there's something for everyone. The course is also creatively designed to get even freestylers' pulses racing.

The beginner line offers several smaller kickers, 2-5m hips and various smaller boxes. For more advanced freestylers, there's a big kicker line with tables from 5-15m.

Finally, there's a choice of different lines with rails or smaller kickers, corners, and even more!

Go to the Freestyle Park Saas-Fee Facebook page

Freestyle Park Allalin Glacier (Summer only)

The summer park on the Allalin glacier was specially built for advanced freestylers. The park is a training area of the highest level, consisting of a pro kicker line of 16-25m tables. Next to the large kicker line, you'll find a further slightly smaller line of 5-12m tables. The rail line is creatively designed, complete with rails of different levels of difficulty.

Our chill-out area is also very popular – a place where you can relax in the sun accompanied by some good music. Under the chill-out area there is a space for beginners who want to try out their first jibs and jumps

Pro Line and Halfpipe

We draw your attention that the pro line freestyle park Saas-Fee is closed due to a pro camp on the following dates:

08th - 19th October 2018
22th October - 02th November 2018

The medium line and the rail line are always open. Also on Saturday, 20th October  and Sunday, 21th October 2018, the pro line is open for everyone.

Also, from 08th October to 19th October 2018, the Stomping Grounds private half pipe session will be taking place. During this time the half pipe is closed for public. The halfpipe will expected to be open to all from end of August until end of the September 2018.

More Information about the pro camp:


Funpark Kreuzboden

Fun by name, fun by nature!

The funparks in the Kreuzboden skiing region aren't called fun for nothing! With their variety of kickers and rails, they offer free rein for freestylers to improvise to their hearts' content. Kids can practice their tricks in a special juniors' park, too!


Bergbahnen Hohsaas AG
3910 Saas-Grund
Tel. +41 (0)27 958 15 80
Fax +41 (0)27 958 15 85

Kids' Park

Here, skiing is child's play.

Whether in Saas-Fee, Saas-Grund or Saas-Almagell, in our special kids' parks with level, sunny pistes and all the snow toys you can think of, first contact with the white stuff is great fun for kids.


Saastal Bergbahnen AG
Panoramastrasse 5
3906 Saas-Fee
Tel. +41 (0)27 958 11 00
Fax +41 (0)27 958 11 01

Bergbahnen Hohsaas AG
3910 Saas-Grund
Tel. +41 (0)27 958 15 80
Fax +41 (0)27 958 15 85

  • Kids Park in the Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee
  • Kids' park Saas-Fee
  • Kian's Adventureland - Free Republic of Holidays, Saas-Fee

Kids' funpark

Kids' Fun Park, Saas-Fee

A magic carpet makes the ascent a doddle. The slalom is decorated with colourful characters, and little ones can whizz around and around on the snow carousel. 

Hohsiland on Kreuzboden

Hohsi-Land Winter - Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee

This haven for children is complete with a magic carpet, 80-metre rope ski lift, racetrack, seesaws and obstacles – not to mention Indian and Hohsi characters. There is also a playhouse with a WC.

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Kians Adventureland in Furggstalden, Saas-Almagell

Kian's Adventure land - Free Republic of Holidays, Saas-Fee

In Furggstalden too, our younger guests are at the centre of the action. In the kids' park you'll find 18 friendly cartoon characters waiting to greet you on the 200m track, Kids-Skidoo, snowtubing, treasure map hunting, kids' slalom, kids skipark. 

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Skate Park

Rock the Free Republic of Holidays, Saas-Fee.

Is this the world's highest skate park? We haven't checked, but it wouldn't surprise us if the Free Republic of Holidays, Saas-Fee could add yet another record to its collection. Whatever the case may be, skaters come in droves to the Kalbermatten sports ground in Saas-Fee to hone their skills on a range of obstacles: wave ramp, funpipe, trick box, pandora box, beryl bank, street spine and curb. So let’s rock!

Skate Park in the Free Republic of Holidays Saas-Fee