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Videos, points, rankings

In the following, you'll find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Can I open or see my results and videos whilst in resort?

Yes! We've set up "Racer's Corners" in numerous mountain restaurants so you can access your latest results and videos right from the ski resort. Just scan your ski pass and check out your videos and photos on screen.

Racer's Corners can be found in the following restaurants: Morenia restaurant  (Alpin Express midway station) and revolving restaurant Allalin (Mittelallalin mountain station). You can also find interactive screens in the waiting rooms of the Längfluh and Felskinn valley stations.

How do I get to my video?

You can see your videos of the Adrenalin Cup events online straight after each race at All you need to do is register with your pass number beforehand (you'll find this on your ski pass). You'll always find your current score and up-to-date rankings here, too.

Once you've mastered one or more of the Adrenalin Cup events in the ski resort, you can link your ski Pass using the number printed in your Adrenalin account at If you don't already have an account, you can create one later at any time – you'll find instructions on the site.

Once you've entered the pass number, you'll get to see your photos, videos and performance statistics, as well as rankings and placements. The pass and the results will be stored in your account. If more events are mastered with this particular pass, additional data and content are added automatically.

Should you earn a new ski pass at any point, you can also add this to your existing Adrenalin account without losing the old data from the first one.

Where can I see my points and ranking?

Your points and your place in the rankings can be viewed in real-time, whenever you like, online at First you need to register using your ski pass number ‒ you'll find this on your ski pass. On the site, you'll be able to view all your videos and photos from the Adrenalin Cup events.

Do I have to register for that?

You do not have to register in order to take part in the Adrenalin Cup and to try out the events. But if you'd like to see photos and videos of your runs you'll need an online profile, and you have to register in order to create one.

Will I receive spam if I register?

We will never pass your data onto third parties if you register. Your information will only be used for the Adrenalin Cup.

Skiline, as the technical operator of the Adrenalin Cup as well as the Saas-Fee Tourist Region, always does its utmost to protect your privacy as far as possible. See also the conditions of use for more details when you register. We are subject to strict Austrian and EU data protection laws and no data is saved unless it is needed for the Adrenalin Cup. No data will be used in ways other than those described in the conditions of use.

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