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Fondue Gondola

See out the wintery day with a cozy gondola ride during the evening, while you are pampered with a fine cheese fondue. Treat yourself to a drop of delicious white wine to go with it.

If you are looking for a romantic evening programme for you and your loved ones, we have just the thing for you. The views of the nocturnal mountain world and the atmospheric lighting up of Saas-Fee promise a magical experience that is sure to linger in your memory for many years to come.


Dates Day Time Place
23.12.2018 Sunday - Talstation Spielboden
29.12.2018 Saturday - Talstation Spielboden
03.01.2019 Thursday - Talstation Spielboden
05.01.2019 Saturday - Talstation Spielboden
12.01.2019 Saturday - Talstation Spielboden
26.01.2019 Saturday - Talstation Spielboden
02.02.2019 Saturday - Talstation Spielboden
05.02.2019 Tuesday - Talstation Spielboden
09.02.2019 Saturday - Talstation Spielboden
12.02.2019 Tuesday - Talstation Spielboden
16.02.2019 Saturday - Talstation Spielboden
21.02.2019 Thursday - Talstation Spielboden
23.02.2019 Saturday - Talstation Spielboden
26.02.2019 Tuesday - Talstation Spielboden
02.03.2019 Saturday - Talstation Spielboden
05.03.2019 Tuesday - Talstation Spielboden
09.03.2019 Saturday - Talstation Spielboden
16.03.2019 Saturday - Talstation Spielboden
23.03.2019 Saturday - Talstation Spielboden
30.03.2019 Saturday - Talstation Spielboden
06.04.2019 Saturday - Talstation Spielboden
13.04.2019 Saturday - Talstation Spielboden
20.04.2019 Saturday - Talstation Spielboden

Fondue Gondola

  • In each fondue gondola a regional cheese fondue with Valais wine and tea will be served. To complete the course, a delicious dessert and a digestive schnapps are included.
  • Each gondola can accommodate up to 6 people. Please note that each gondola will be filled. If you want a private gondola we recommend the Candle Light Gondola or the Family Gondola.

Family Gondola

  • The family gondola has space for 2 adults and up to 4 children. As the name suggests, the gondola is especially designed for families. For children there are toys to play.

Candle Light Gondola

  • For all those in love, the candle light gondola is definitely a highlight. Whether a planned marriage proposal or a cozy fondue chat for two - with this gondola a romantic evening is guaranteed.


  • Registration is required until 4 pm the day before. The reservation can be made by phone on +41 27 958 11 00, by e-mail or at the cashier Alpin Express.


  • The tickets for the fondue gondola are limited.


  • The event ca be paid for on site at the cashier of the station Spielboden. The cashier is open on the day of event from 6 pm.


  • After payment, a voucher will be issued. The voucher must be presented in the evening. The voucher also lists your personal time for the fondue gondola.


  • The event requires a minimum of 30 participants.
  • In doubtful weather, such as strong wind, the fondue gondola can be canceled. The realisation of the event will be decided until 2 pm of day of event and communicated via this website.


  • Cancellation due to weather conditions incurs no costs.
  • If the customer can not attend for private reasons, no refund will be granted.


  • The fondue gondola can also be booked for a group event. The conditions and prices are presented unter the tab "Prices".

Prices per person

  • Adults: CHF 70.00
  • Children until 15.99: CHF 35.00

Candle Light Gondola

  • Package price CHF 199.00 (for 2 persons)


  • The Fondue Gondola can be booked as a group event.
  • - Mimimum of 30 paying participants
  • - Inscription 10 days in advance
  • - Rental fee: CHF 4000.00 per event
  • - Price per person: CHF 56.00 (corresponds to the normal price CHF 70.00 - 20% discount)
  • - There are no further discounts

Reservations can be made by phone +41 27 958 11 00, by e-mail to or at the cashier of the station Alpin Express.

Please note that bookings can only be made until 4 pm the day before.


Saastal Bergbahnen AG
Panoramastrasse 5
CH-3906 Saas-Fee

Phone: +41 27 958 11 00



You can find out about the realisation of the event from 2 pm on the same day via the phone number +41 27 958 11 00.

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