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Schaukel Hannig 2020
Hiking with prams

Hiking with prams

Even high up in the mountains, we have hiking trails where Mum and Dad can push the pram forward without any struggle.

Saas-Fee - Saas-Almagell - Saas-Grund - Saas-Balen

Walk for 40 minutes along the woodland path from Saas-Fee to Saas-Almagell. From Saas-Almagell the path runs along the Saaservispa to Saas-Grund (1h) or to Saas-Balen (.1h45). You and your family can then take the PostBus back to your starting point.

Saas-Fee - Hannig - Mälchbodu - Bärufalla (Fairytale Trail)

Start at the church in Saas-Fee and make the short climb up to Schäferstube restaurant. The path then continues above the village to Hohnegg. From there, it's not far to the idyllic forest clearing at Mälchbodu, where there is an ideal resting place with a picnic and barbecue area next to a small lake. The Märliweg (not suitable for prams) also starts at Mälchbodo and takes you to Bärufalla. With the pram, you can take the wide path parallel to the Märliweg to Bärufalla. From there the path leads to the Wildi area and back to Saas-Fee. Duration 1h

Dick Waldji, Saas-Fee

Start at the church in Saas-Fee and climb up to Schäferstube restaurant. Then take the path to the left, where you'll soon come across barbecue areas, a small children's train made of wood and water games. To head back to the village, you can either head back along the same path or take the wilder, more open path via the cablecar valley station Felskinn. Duration: 40 min

Hiner de Zy (Hinter den Zäunen)

Start at Kalbermatten sports ground and walk towards the Felskinn cableway station. The path forks before the valley station, with one side leading to the Wolfsgrube and the other leading to the area known as Hiner de Zy (Hinter den Zäunen)- or "behind the fences". The Wolfsgrube is the perfect place for family barbecues, picnics and games. The paved road through the Hiner de Zy (Hinter den Zäunen) area leads back to the village. Along the way, there are several resting places close to the babbling mountain brook. Duration 30 min

Woodland walk from Saas-Fee to Saas-Almagell

This beautiful wide woodland path leads from Saas-Fee (1,800 m) to Saas-Almagell (1,672 m). Bodmen restaurant at the halfway point is an ideal place for a rest stop. There is a small barn where chicken, rabbits and guinea pigs frolic. Another barn is home to alpacas, goats and pigs. The animals love having visitors!
Duration: 40 minutes

Valley walk

The valley hike runs alongside the romantic Saaservispa along villages and hamlets. The ideal way to discover the whole Saas Valley with the family.
Saas-Balen to Saas-Grund: 1 hour 15 minutes
Saas-Grund to Saas-Almagell: 1 hour

Saas-Fee to Fletschhorn restaurant

Start at the hamlet of Wildi at the northern edge of Saas-Fee and take the flat forest path to Fletschhorn restaurant. Saas-Fee to Fletschhorn Restaurant. Duration 20 min

Saas-Almagell - Zermeiggern

The trail starts at the “Saaser Webstube” (small shop in a wooden hut) and follows the wide path upstream to the hamlet Zermeiggern. Just before Zermeiggern, the trail crosses the bridge and returns to Saas-Almagell between the stream and the car road. Halfway up, several fireplaces await you with a small lake and playground. Duration approx. 1h.


The trail on the right side of the lake leads you to the Dischtelalp, the southern end of the lake. From the top of the dam, the trail first leads through the pedestrian tunnel and up the roughest slope to the crossroads. Continue down to the left and follow the corridor road, past rushing streams and a tunnel to the end of the dam (Dischtelalp).Return to the dam along the same route. Duration 2h30

Saas-Grund – Furhalte

Von der Talstation der Bergbahnen führt der Weg über den Parkplatz in Richtung Sportplatz. Hinter dem Beachvolleyball-Feld steigt der Weg leicht Richtung Wald an. Nach der Kreuzung bietet der Weg eine tolle Aussicht über Saas-Grund. Nach der Spitzkehre folgt der Weg weiter bis zu einem Wendeplatz im Wald. Am Wegrand stehen  viele Bänke für eine kurze Rast. Dann geht’s auf dem gleichen Weg zurück nach Saas-Grund. Dauer 1h30