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Märli trail
Märli trail

Märli trail

In the larch-wood between Mälchbodu and Bärufalla children will find out (by well placed info boards) all about the history of Pia. These boards are decorated with wonderful illustrations and the legends associated with the surroundings will be brought to life by various elements of the surrounding nature.

Pia spent a day in the kingdom of the dwarfs …. “Gotwergi-Reich” and, there, heard about many of the almost forgotten legends related to the Saastal. She heard about the legend of the golden cradle and the exciting tale of the secret dances on the Sengboden, plus many other thrilling tales.

Take a trip into this fairytale world – a visit into the kingdom of the Saaser dwarfs or “Gotwergi”, as the local language calls it, will be surely an unforgettable experience for young and old alike.

Distance: 1 km
Time: 30 - 60 min
Descent: 52m