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Water Channel Beer Hike
Water Channel Beer Hike

Water channel beer hike

A warm welcome

On June 22, 2024, the Suono Beer Hike will take place for the first time in the glacier village of Saas-Fee. During a leisurely hike along the rippling water and the breathtaking view of the glacier and mountain world, many different types of beer can be tasted.

For a participation fee of CHF 80.00 (EarlyBird CHF 72.00 until 16.06.2024), participants of the beer hike will have the opportunity to taste different beers from Valais and Switzerland at various locations. We will also spoil you with culinary delights at all locations. So you can recharge your batteries for the hike between the stage destinations. Get your ticket now - we look forward to seeing you!

When and where?

Beer can always be drunk, and we're not all made of sugar that's why the Water channel beer hike will take place on the above date, whatever the weather.

You can start the beer hike between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., depending on the number of people, a short waiting time at check-in must be expected. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, please arrive at the starting point on time. The start time can be selected when ordering your ticket.

The beer hike takes place in Saas-Fee along the “Bodmerwasser” bisse, past the water wheel at the Felskinn station, to visit the marmot family and along the “Unnerwasser” bisse towards the village square. Here you can expect a festive atmosphere and a live band (Michelle and Audi) at 5 p.m. The hiking day will come to an end at 10 p.m. The Suonen hiking trail is marked and the pure hiking time is approx. 2.5 hours.


While you hike through a mystical landscape with a breathtaking view of the glaciers and mountains with your family or good friends, accompanied by the splashing of water, you can taste many different types of beer and indulge in culinary delights. With a ticket, you can taste different beers from Valais and Switzerland at various locations. We even have our own beer from Saas-Fee, brewed with Saas glacier water. If you want to drink more beer, wine or soft drinks, you can pay with Twint at any stand. You can only pay with cash at the start and on the village square.  

The beer hike for leisurely hikers will take around 5 to 6 hours. Of this, about 2.5 hours is pure hiking time. The hike leads to the village square, where you can celebrate the end of the Suono Bier Wandrig with music, barbecue and beer (including other drinks) until 10 p.m.

Can I also join as a non-beer drinker?

Non-beer drinkers are just as welcome on the beer hike. We also offer wine or soft drinks at the individual stands. For children we offer the culinary hike for CHF 10.00 up to 6 years, CHF 15.00 up to 12 years and CHF 35.00 up to 16 years old.

The hiking route

From the starting point on the Postplatz in Saas-Fee, we hike over the panoramic bridge to the entrance of the “Bodmerwasser” bisse in the direction of Wolfsgrube, past the water wheel, to the Saas marmots in the Staffelwald and along the “Unnerwasser” bisse towards the finish on the village square in Saas-Fee. The hiking trail is marked and takes around 2.5 hours.

Various refreshment stops and your own personal beer tasting await you along the hiking route. You will also find various opportunities to rest and places to take a break along the hiking route. We recommend that you use the toilets in the post office building, in the Wolfsgrube and on the village square for your private business.


Tatjana Kalbermatten
Tel.: +41 79 739 00 21


Getting there

Come to the check-in at the Postplatz in Saas-Fee - whether you arrive by car or by post bus, you will get to the right place. Simply show your Suono Bier Wandrig ticket at the cash desk to receive your points card for drinks and food.

More Information

Project "Suone Halte"

Many thanks

The project is complete!

Our “Suone Halte” project is now mostly complete. This was only possible thanks to the generous support of our patrons, donors and volunteers. We are overwhelmed and would like to say thank you!

The “Unnerwasser” Suone is now a restored historical landmark and also a place of inestimable value for Saas-Fee and summer tourism. This beautiful water channel not only offers a glimpse into the lives of our ancestors, but also the opportunity to recharge your batteries in the midst of nature. The “Unnerwasser” Suone is a place where you can leave everyday life behind. Clear glacier water flows along the path, accompanied by a breathtaking panorama. The peaceful atmosphere and the beauty of the surrounding nature create a place of peace and relaxation. Here, visitors can experience nature in its pure form and at the same time understand the importance of preserving our natural resources.

About the Project "Suone Halte"

The “zämo fer Saas-Fee” association is committed to the local area, nature and tourism, among other things. Now the “Wasserleite”, which has lain fallow for over 50 years, is to be used to showcase the theme of “water” with information boards, water features and Kneipp and relaxation facilities. The “Suone” provides additional protection for the village during heavy rainfall. The footpath runs along the “Hannig” side with an enchanting view from the Allalinhorn to the Mischabel chain and a wonderful view over the glacier village.


 More Details  

Let's move on..

Although the “Unnerwasser” irrigation channel project has been completed, additional costs have unfortunately been incurred that exceed our financial resources. Perhaps you like the Suonen trail and would like to support the project with a donation? Together we can overcome the last hurdle. We would like to thank you in advance for your help.


We are very grateful for every Swiss Frank

Building costs:        CHF 427‘000.00
Donations:              CHF 417‘000.00
Deficit:                    CHF   10‘000.00

Our bank details:
CH54 8080 8009 3461 9328 1
„zämo fer Saas-Fee“ Association
3906 Saas-Fee



We are happy to receive any donation - even small amounts.


The major supporters:

Saas-Fee Tourist Office