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Furggstalden alter Weiler
Almageller Höhenweg

Furggstalden & Heidbodmen

A place to recover

The idyllic hamlet of Furggstalden above Saas-Almagell can be reached by chairlift and is the perfect place to unwind. Here you can enjoy the view of the Mattmark dam and old Valais barns. Children can go on an exciting treasure hunt here or whizz down the mountain on the monster scooter. Further up is Heidbodmen. You can enjoy a panoramic view of the Monta Rosa range and the imposing Strahlhorn, followed by the Egginer, the Mittaghorn and to the north-west, the foothills of the Mischabel range.



To Do's

✔️ Agricultural Museum Flyer and Video (by appointment)

✔️ Monster scooter

✔️  Treasure hunt Valais/Wallis Promotion for the family

✔️ Saas-Almagell adventure trail

✔️ Various barbecue areas


Treasure Hunt Valais/Wallis Promotion

In collaboration with Valais/Wallis Promotion and SPICK, a new treasure hunt for families has been created from Furggstalden to Saas-Almagell. Along the way, many interesting facts and information about the forest habitat await the young and old treasure hunters. The starting point is the Furggstalden mountain station, which you can reach on foot or more comfortably by chairlift. All the necessary utensils for an unforgettable treasure hunt are available in the tourist offices in the Saas Valley. A treasure map will guide you to the eight stations. All family members do their bit to find the treasure at the end and take a little surprise home.


Furggstalden Mountain Restaurant

Familiar mountain restaurant in a sunny location next to the chairlift station.

Furggstalden Mountain Restaurant

Mountain restaurant Alpina

The Alpina mountain restaurant is located in the charming hamlet of Furggstalden in Saas-Almagell at an altitude of just under 1900 m, in the heart of the impressive Saas mountain world with numerous mountain peaks over 4000 m high.

Mountain restaurant Alpina

Almagelleralp Mountain Hotel

This is what we mean by living the high life! The Almagelleralp Mountain Restaurant (2194m above sea level) awaits travellers looking for some truly "haute" cuisine (take it from us, you'll want to try the Smugglers' Macaroni!). 

Almagelleralp Mountain Hotel

Mountain restaurant Heidbodme

The panorama at the mountain restaurant rises from the Monta Rosa range with Switzerland's highest border mountain, the Dufour peak, the imposing Strahlhorn, the Egginer, the Mittaghorn and up to the foothills of the Mischabel range. To the south-east, you can see the long Furgg valley towards the Antrona Pass (2,838 m)

Mountain restaurant Heidbodme

Cable cars

From Saas-Almagell you reach Furggstalden in only 5 minutes and after another 12 minutes you reach Heidbodmen via chairlift. 

The cable cars are included from the 1st overnight stay with the SaastalCard!

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Discover beautiful hikes around Furggstalden and Heidbodmen.



Explore the region by e-mountain bike.