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What is Swisstainable?
What is Swisstainable?

What is Swisstainable?

No future without sustainability.

Sustainability should become a competitive advantage for Swiss tourism and a real added value for guests - together we are working on the vision of Switzerland as a sustainable tourism destination. To this end, the sustainability programme Swisstainable was developed last year by Switzerland Tourism in cooperation with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the Swiss tourism industry as a programme "by the industry for the industry". Since the beginning of the year, the Swiss Tourism Federation has been running the Swisstainable office.



A sustainability programme for everyone.

Currently, over 1800 tourism businesses from all over Switzerland have already registered for Swisstainable. The programme aims to create transparency and orientation for guests and to make the sustainability efforts of the tourism sector more visible. The Swisstainable label is awarded to businesses that are committed to sustainability and helps them to put tourism sustainability into practice.

All tourism service providers and tourism-related businesses (with a visible tourism offer) in Switzerland can participate. The programme is free of charge and offers three different levels - so every company can find the right entry point to the programme.

The three levels of the programme

In order for a destination to reach the Swisstainable "engaged" level, the entire destination must set its course towards sustainability. Everyone can contribute to our future as a "committed", "engaged" or "leading" person.


This level is suitable for businesses that do not (yet) have any certifications or other proof of sustainability, but would like to continuously develop their business towards sustainability with sustainable business management.

The business carries out a sustainability check, which shows the points that can be improved in terms of sustainability. Based on these findings, at least three measures on different sustainability aspects are formulated, which must be implemented within the next 24 months.

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In addition to a commitment to sustainable corporate governance and ongoing development, Level II requires certification or other evidence in at least one area of sustainability.

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Level III is for companies that already have a comprehensive, recognised sustainability certification. The certifications taken into account cover all dimensions of sustainability and are regularly externally audited.

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Do you have any questions about the next steps or specific requirements? The Competence Centre Sustainability of the Swiss Tourism Federation is looking forward to hearing from you!
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All about Swisstainable

In this collection you will find all the important links, documents and questions and answers about the Swisstainable programme.

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