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Swisstainable "leading"

Level III is for companies that already have a comprehensive, recognised sustainability certification. The certifications taken into account cover all dimensions of sustainability and are regularly externally audited.

Who is already in?

How do I reach this level with my business?

You have to follow the following steps to obtain the Swisstainable "leading" label for your business:


Find out more about Swisstainable and decide which level is the right one for your company. Not sure which level is right for you? We will be happy to support you!

Have you already decided on this level? If you don't do the whole thing yourself, assign a person or team to implement the sustainability requirements of the business. Plan when and how you want to tackle the sustainability check. Inform the employees about the sustainability commitment and the planned steps.

Here you will find all the important information:

Strategy   Guidelines

Register online. You will then receive your access link to the ST-Datanetwork as well as all the necessary documents and instruments by e-mail.

To the application

Download the commitment and sign it. If you have assigned someone to implement it, have him/her sign it too.


Proof can be official documents such as deeds, certificates, contracts or others. You can submit existing ones or choose one from the list below. Make sure that it is clear what the proof is and how long it is valid for.

List of certificates for level III

Submit the following information and documents on the link sent by e-mail in the ST-Datanetwork:

  • Signed Commitment
  • Proof of Sustainability

After a check, the Swisstainable office issues the certificate and the Swisstainable signet with a validity corresponding to the validity of your sustainability certificate. Now you are officially a Swisstainable business!


Now it is time for you to implement the measures defined in the framework of your certification. When your certificate expires, you will be asked to renew and submit it.



Why Swisstainable Destination?

For the following reasons, the Swiss Tourism Federation but also we are convinced to participate:

1. Making a contribution to sustainable development

A responsible destination that also takes social and ecological aspects into account makes an important contribution to the sustainable development of Swiss tourism.

2. Increase resource efficiency

A more efficient use of resources leads to cost savings and economic benefits.

3. Position itself as a responsible destination

Destinations with a demonstrable commitment to sustainability have a wide range of potential. A consistent focus enables them to strengthen their image as a responsible destination and position themselves accordingly.

4. Being marketed

Swisstainable participants benefit from targeted and effective campaigns and marketing measures by Switzerland Tourism and other tourism umbrella organisations.

5. Develop new market segments

There is a growing target group of guests with an affinity for sustainability who increasingly expect tourism providers to implement sustainability measures and to take sustainability aspects into account in the design of their offers.

6. Use advantages in distribution

Sustainability is also increasingly an important decision-making criterion for booking and travel portals as well as for events and business tourism.

7. Increase attractiveness as an employer

In times of a shortage of skilled workers, responsible businesses and destinations have a decisive advantage in recruitment and employer branding.

8. Increasing resilience

A systematic commitment to sustainability can reduce dependencies, strengthen resilience and support good cooperation with partners in the destination. Studies have also shown that sustainable destinations recover more quickly from setbacks.

9. Ensure quality

A systematic analysis of sustainability aspects reveals weaknesses as well as strengths and thus enables the targeted further development of a destination.

10. Become more competitive

The requirements with regard to sustainability commitment are increasing due to new legal frameworks, regulations and programmes. Those who prepare early and anticipate new regulations gain a competitive advantage.

Did you miss our webinar?

Here you can find the recording and the presentation of our webinar in cooperation with the Swiss Tourism Federation on 27.06.2023. 
Learn more about the programme and find answers to your questions.



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