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Sustainibility Saastal Bergbahnen AG
Sustainibility Saastal Bergbahnen AG


Ecology on the mountain as an important capital of the holiday region Saas-Fee/Saastal. Saastal Bergbahnen AG is actively committed to responsible tourism and plays its part in it. Learn more about our sustainability projects.

myclimate "Cause We Care"

myclimate "Cause We Care" is a voluntary, customer- and company-based initiative for climate protection and sustainability in Swiss tourism.

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ProKilowatt - SFOE promotion programme

Saastal Bergbahnen AG have submitted an application to ProKilowatt for subsidies for the shaft heating project for the snowmaking system.

ProKilowatt, the promotion programme of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, supports efficiency measures that reduce electricity consumption. The subsidy, which can amount to up to 30 % of the investment costs, is intended to provide incentives to renew old systems and invest in highly efficient technologies.

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myblueplanet | I AM PRO SNOW

myblueplanet is a non-profit and independent Swiss climate protection movement. The focus is on reducing consumption, increasing efficiency and promoting renewable energies. Since 2015, they have been spreading the I AM PRO SNOW campaign in Switzerland, which motivates snow sports enthusiasts to protect the climate, with the help of winter sports athletes. After the Paris Climate Conference the campaign was complemented by "100% comitted". Participating ski resorts and mountain communities are committed to 100% renewable electricity by 2030 at the latest. In 2018, Saastal Bergbahnen AG entered into a cooperation with myblueplanet and also pursues this goal. The company initiates its resources in order to achieve this goal as far as possible.

Mountain Cleaning Day 2018

For the ninth time the "Mountain Cleaning Day" took place on 07 June 2018 in Saas-Fee. 210 volunteers freed the forest and meadow from the waste of the winter season.

When the snow melts in spring, the sad souvenirs of the ski season appear. Sustainability is an important issue in the Saas Valley, explains Urs Zurbriggen."We wish for a responsible tourism and play our part in it."In nature a cigarette has an average lifespan of 15 years and a plastic bottle takes about 500 years to disappear. That's why a Mountain Cleaning Day is so important. At 8 am in the morning, pupils from the Saas primary school, employees of the cable car company Saastal Bergbahnen AG, numerous residents and holiday guests met up at the Felskinn valley station. Urs Zurbriggen, the Deputy CEO of Saastal Bergbahnen AG, took on the role as coordinator, divided the volunteers into 21 groups and assigned them to their area of responsibility. Armed with chainsaws, rakes and garbage bags, the groups spread out in all directions.

Variety to everyday life
Lia-Mara Bösch also walked across the meadow with a garbage bag, looked concentrated at the ground and bent down here and there to pick up plastic rubbish, glass splinters and insulation material. At the invitation of Saastal Tourism, the professional snowboarder interrupted her condition training in Magglingen to help. It is an important concern for her: "Leaving waste on the slopes has serious consequences for the environment. With this work, we are reducing the environmental impact. But the goal must be that there will be nothing left to collect after the end of a season". It is also a possibility to give something back to Saas-Fee - one of their training areas. It's also a welcome change from everyday training: "I can still train my legs tomorrow," she said and laughed.

The event gets bigger
The "Mountain Cleaning Day" was held this year for the ninth time under this name. However, the event is much older. In the past the spring cleaning in nature was simply the "Gmeiwärch" and was taken over by the communities of the region with help of the school classes. This year, Saastal Tourism and the cable car company Saastal Bergbahnen AG have joined forces for the first time. This cooperation has enabled the event to be organised on a larger scale.

Award for energy efficiency + climate protection

The act Cleantech Agency Switzerland congratulates the cable car company Saastal Bergbahnen AG on its commitment in the field of climate protection and that it has entered into a target agreement with the federal government until 2024. The efforts of the company for a better energy efficiency support a better environment and a sustainable future of the region and the country.

E-shuttle bus service

Since the 2016/17 winter season, winter sports guests in Saas-Fee have benefited from a striking innovation: a shuttle bus service for skiers. The shuttle buses connect the route between the bus terminal/car park and the Alpin Express valley station. As befits a car-free holiday resort, the buses run emission-free. On the one hand, this serves the comfort of our winter guests, while at the same time ecological sustainability is also taken into account.


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