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Saas Valley Ponscheggla
Saas Valley Ponscheggla

Saas Valley Ponscheggla

The family recipe

During the carnival season, the Saas Valley locals prepare a special sweet pastry: the Saas Ponscheggla. In the past, only rye bread, sugar, schnapps and white wine belonged in the traditional pastry. Today, molasses, jam or other secret ingredients are often added. Almost every family has its recipe, which usually stays in the family. However, Asja Zurbriggen from Saas-Grund has revealed her recipe to us.

Dough "Chruchtele"


  • 1 kg white flour
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 250 g melted butter
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
  • 1/2 sachet of baking powder
  • 3 dl Valais white wine (Fendant)
  • Juice of half a lemon


Mix the sugar, salt, butter, eggs, lemon juice and wine. Add flour, vanilla sugar and baking powder until a firm dough is formed. Cover the dough and let it rest overnight.

Filling Ponscheggla


  • 1 kg grated rye bread
  • 200 g grated hazelnuts
  • 1/2 molasses
  • 1 jar of elderberry jam
  • 0.5 dl rum
  • 4.5 dl Valais white wine (Fendant)
  • 1 cup sugar


  • 2 - 3 packages (450 g each) of Sais Astra cooking fat or peanut oil
  • 1 package (450 g) of coconut fat


For the filling, mix the above ingredients. The dough should be elastic and not sticky. Roll out the dough very thinly and cut it into small squares (10 - 15 cm Ø). Put a tablespoon of filling on each and moisten the edge with water. Shape the squares into an oval and mash the edge well with a fork. Heat the oil mixture to approx. 180° and deep-fry the dumplings for 3 - 4 minutes until golden brown. Sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar when cooled.


If you have any dough left over, you can deep-fry it, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and enjoy it as "Chruchtele".