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Familie Kreuzboden

Kreuzboden 2400 m

Family mountain

The Kreuzboden (2,405 m above sea level) above Saas-Grund is easily accessible by cable car and lives up to its name as a family mountain. In Kreuzboden Adventure Land, children can let off steam. Be it on the suspension bridge, the climbing walls or other equipment. Our water park is also a great place to cool off on a hot summer's day.

"Can I touch the animals?". This question is familiar to many parents. Children don't just want to watch animals from a distance; they also want to be able to touch and stroke them. The petting zoo at the Kreuzboden mountain station offers this opportunity.

And that's not all! Since 2021, Kreuzboden has had a Bike Skills Park for the whole family. You can either drive back to Saas-Grund on the monster scooters or set off on a wide variety of hiking trails like the Alpine Flower Promenade or the Wellness and Yoga Trail.

Near the Kreuzboden mountain station is the beautiful Kreuzbodensee (lake of Kreuzboden). A raft takes you from one side to the other, and you can enjoy the constant view of the highest mountains in Switzerland. 

NEWS: The new playground at Kreuzboden will be opened this summer!


✔️ Petting zoo

✔️ Adventure land Kreuzboden

✔️ Monster Scooter

✔️ Bike Skills Park

✔️ NEW! Flow Trail Kreuzboden - Trift

✔️ Panorama via ferrata Jegihorn

✔️ Wellness & Yoga Trail

✔️ Alpine flower promenade

✔️ Fishing fun at Lake Kreuboden

✔️ Trip to Hohsaas

✔️ Hike to Triftalp

Cable cars

900 vertical meters from Saas-Grund (1559m) to Kreuzboden (2405m) in a comfortable 8-minute gondola ride.

The mountain railways are included from the 1st night with the SaastalCard!

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Kreuzboden Adventure Land

There are plenty of opportunities for kids to let off steam at Kreuzboden Adventure Land - on suspension bridges, climbing walls and other equipment. The water park is another highlight! A barbecue area invites you to stay. All this, of course, with the breathtaking view of the four-thousand-metre peaks of the Saas Valley. Since 2022, the Adventure Land appears in a new look!


Flow Trail Kreuzboden - Trift

Since summer 2022, the five-kilometre flow trail from Kreuzboden down to Trift will complement the existing Hohsaas Trail. This summer, you can cover  1,600 metres in altitude from Hohsaas to Saas-Grund.

Biking in the Saas Valley

Bike Skill Park Kreuzboden

Since 2021, our young and old bike fans can enjoy the new Bike Skills Park Kreuzboden above Saas-Grund. Three varied routes of around 380 m in length and a small uphill trail await you at Kreuzboden.

to the Bike Skill-Park

Kreuzboden Mountain Restaurant

The mountain restaurant's sun terrace offers a magnificent view of the imposing Mischabel mountains.

Mountain restaurant Kreuzboden

Café Triftalp

Hike from Kreuzboden, the Trift intermediate station or from Saas-Grund to Café Triftalp. Here you will experience rustic, down-to-earth alpine fare in a secluded rustic hut.

Café Triftalp

NEW: Gämschi-Bar

The coolest place on the mountain to chill out with refreshing drinks and the best view.
The Gämschi bar is the meeting place for bikers right next to the Kreuzboden bike station. 



The region around Kreuzboden offers many opportunities for hiking. Whether it is a short walk or a long hike, there is something for everyone.


Mountain biking

The perfect mountain for mountain biking.