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Outdoor wellness
Outdoor wellness

Outdoor wellness

Feel the power of nature

Surrounded by the unique mountain world of the Saas Valley, you can enjoy a stress-free wellness day in nature or simply end an eventful day of hiking.

In the holiday region Saas-Fee you will find several freely accessible Kneipp facilities or the Kreuzboden Wellness and Pleasure Trail, where you can actively relax.

Kneipp facilities - water is the best medicine

In the holiday region Saas-Fee, surrounded by eighteen 4,000-metre peaks, it goes without saying that guests get a real sense of the power of Mother Nature – a feeling that only intensifies with a visit to Saas-Fee's Kneipp hydrotherapy facilities. Feel the power of the water right down to the tips of your toes, all the while taking in the spectacular mountain scenery. 

Nice to know: The teachings of Sebastian Kneipp (1821-1897) on the healing power of water and plants form a visionary concept of life that regards people, their lifestyles and their natural surroundings as a balanced whole.

Kneipp facility in the Saas Valley

Village Location Infrastructure
Saas-Fee Between the valley station Plattjen and the station Felskinn Water treading pool - Water stream - Barefoot path - Arm bath - Rest area
Saas-Grund On the Kreuzboden Wellness and Pleasure Trail Water treading pool - Barefoot path - Arm bath - Rest area
Saas-Almagell Near the Furggstalden mountain restaurant Water treading pool - Barefoot path - Arm bath - Rest area

Kreuzboden Wellness and Pleasure Trail in Saas-Grund

You can take a stroll almost anywhere ‒ with us, you can hike to your heart's content too.

Escape to a fantastic Alpine landscape and experience the glorious fusing of natural elements. The 1.2 km Kreuzboden Spa and Pleasure Trail above Saas-Grund has everything you need for an active, yet peaceful, day in the great outdoors: quiet spots with hammocks, a picnic area with a barbecue, and a cosy cabin for shelter. You'll need around one hour for the walk, depending on how quickly or gently you decide to take it.

Hell-Chessi in Saas-Almagell

Our insider tip for relaxation in Saas-Almagell. Enjoy the natural swimming pool and refreshing glacier water. You can reach Hell-Chessi in just a few minutes from Saas-Almagell.