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Sophie takes care of your dog

Who has ever been there? It's a dream day on the slopes, but the dog has to spend the whole day alone in the flat and hardly gets any exercise. We have the solution so that you can enjoy your ski day in peace. 

Sophie is there for your four-legged friend.  While the owners are skiing, the dog can run around and enjoy the holiday. 

Day and holiday places are available. Due to Sophie's experience with dogs before and during her training, all dogs are welcome.

Sophie looks forward to meeting you and your loyal friend.

Further information:  Sophie's Dog Lounge or +41 79 542 49 66


Daily programme

The dogs all live in the house (pack management). When the weather is nice, the doors are open so that the dogs can move freely outside and cool off in the paddling pool. After extensive walks of 2.5 - 3 hours per day, they get fed and have a rest.


Basic requirements for admission

  • Basic obedience (recall, leash walking)
  • Social compatibility
  • No female dogs in heat
  • Males must be neutered (chem. castration also applies)

Pick up & drop off service

Sophie is happy to pick up your dog from the following locations: 

  • Saas-Grund  cable cars
  • Saas-Almagell Post
  • Saas-Balen Post
  • Saas-Fee Post


Sophie's Dog Lounge
Sophie Anthamatten
+41 79 542 49 66