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Carnival in the Saas-Valley
Carnival in the Saas-Valley

Carnival in the Saas-Valley

February 2022

The Saas Valley celebrates the 5th season of the year and offers a rich programme over several weeks.

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The streets are lined with Guggenmusik, processions and people dressed in magnificent costumes. Not to be missed are the traditional "Göiggler". But be careful, the horse tails are not (only) carried along for decoration.


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Carnival Music Get-together | Saas-Fee, Village square
The "Feer-Nola" celebrates together with various carnival music groups from near & far as well as in-house DJ's the big
carnival music get-together outside on the village square. 
Date: 22.01.2022
1.30 p.m.: Square concerts on the village square
7.45 p.m.: Parade (Postplace to the Village square)
8.30 p.m.: Square concerts on the village square
10 p.m.: Festival on the village square
Note: The '3G' rule applies in the cordoned-off festival area

Carnival bar FC Saas-Fee | Saas-Fee, gym
Carnival bar after the Feer-Nola parades in the gym.
Date: 24 & 27 & 28.02.2022
Time: 6 - 9 p.m.
Program: Bar in the gym with live performances by the Feer-Nola.
Corona Measures: Admission control - certificate compulsory "2G+" rule
Contact: +41 79 306 86 97 | |

Carnival parade | Saas Valley

  • 19.02.2022: Carnival parade (ladies' gymnastics club) | Saas-Balen
  • 20.02.2022: Carnival parade (children) | Saas-Fee
  • 23.02.2022: Carnival parade (children) | Saas-Balen
  • 24 | 27 | 28.02.2022: Carnival parade (adults) | Saas-Fee
  • 26.02.2022: Big carnival parade | Saas-Balen