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Kian's Adventureland

A hearty welcome to Kian's Adventureland on Furggstalden in Saas-Almagell 

Our child-friendly ski area in the middle of a beautiful mountain landscape offers plenty of rest and relaxation for adults and loads of fun and entertainment for the kids. The idyllic resort has preserved its typical Valais character, exudes a homely atmosphere and is ideal for families with children.

Right next to the beginners' piste on Furggstalden above Saas-Almagell, a varied snow paradise awaits children in Kian’s Adventureland. Here, little ones can ski around a sunny location surrounded by dragons, penguins, lions and other friends from the animal world. There are also other exciting activities such as snowtubing, skidoos, a children’s roundabout, igloo cinema and Indian teepee.

Snowtubing is the name given to this unusual way of having fun in the snow in the child-friendly ski resort of Saas-Almagell. Whizzing around on these rubber tyres is suitable for the whole family. The snowtubing run is in the middle of the ski area. A lift comfortably carries you up to the start, before you wind down at great speed to the finish line, where you brake slowly and safely.

Children's skidoo
One of our main attractions here in Saas-Almagell is without a doubt our skidoo park. This latest generation of snowmobiles has been specially designed for children. With a top speed of 20 km/h, driving safety is guaranteed making them suitable for children from 5 years of age. The route is a small obstacle course in the Furggstalden arena (Saas-Almagell).

The Children’s Skipark
This winter season, the Almagell ski area will be even more family-friendly! In Furggstalden, we have now built an adventure land for four to twelve-year-old snow sports fans, which is already proving to be very popular. 24 friendly comic figures, made by our very own hands and painted together with the local primary school pupils accompany the young guests around the course which is about 250 metres long. This leads over a bridge and through an igloo. The mascot and figurehead of this remarkable park is a colourful dragon by the name of Kian. Kian the Friendly Dragon greets visitors at the lower station of the lift and at the entrance to the park. The highlight of the new set-up is the snow igloo for the animation film, "Alice in Wonderland", in which the story of the same name is to be heard in the jungle atmosphere. 

Kian's Children’s Slalom
When it comes to skiing, there are no bounds to the imagination of either parents or children. The choice of exercises depends on what learning effect is to be achieved. In order to develop skiing technique but not to lose the fun while they’re at it, with us the kids get to learn to ski in a playful way. The children’s slalom consists of tilting poles, tunnels, waves and hollows. The course is located on a blue run and is suitable for beginners and for those who’d like to develop better technique.

Smurfs in the Saas-Almagell ski resort
You mightn’t believe it, but it’s true. In our ski area in Furggstalden, there is an igloo where the smurfs live. If you’re lucky, you might even get to see you them. Come and wander through the realm of the smurfs. If you discover a smurf, he’ll tell you a story.

The Treasure of the Dragon Mountain
Once upon a time, a dragon called Kian lived in the Furggstalden arena in Saas-Almagell. One night, he dreamed that he should make his way to the ski resort of Saas-Almagell. The path led past a number of signs that would finally reward him with treasure. At first, Kian didn’t take the dream too seriously, but when he had the same dream for the third time, he decided to set off to find the treasure. After a long journey, he finally reached his destination and found it.

Kian has drawn a treasure map. Your children can now have go on the treasure hunt for themselves. And if you do find your way, Kian has a little surprise for you.

Opening hoursPrices
Kian's Adventurelanddaily from 9am to 4pmfree with a valid ski pass
Mini Ski-Doodaily from 1.30pm to 3.30pmCHF 5.- for 7 laps


Older people are full of stories of fiery, flying dragons sweeping from mountain to mountain. When such a dragon approached a mountain, he emitted a poison from his body and breathed it against it. The mountain would then open up and the dragon would squeeze in through the crack in the rock until he tracked down the seams of gold. The dragon then began to lick these seams of gold, which were its food.

In the Saas valley, it is said that there were three dragons who eat away at the mountain north of Almagell so much that it plunged into the valley. All three dragons managed to save themselves. The first went over the valley to the nearby Mittaghorn, the second headed to Schilt in Saas-Balen and the third flew to an unknown region outside of the valley.

Now, the dragon of Mittaghorn licked for gold for centuries but unfortunately found nothing. So he flew off to Furggstalden. So keep an eye out, dear children, and you might just discover the dragon somewhere.  And if you do find him, while he can’t offer you any gold, he will give some small sweets.