Saas Museum – At the heart of the Saas Valley

The Saas Museum in the Saas Valley not only preserves the history and culture of the region, but also reflects the diversity of life in the Valais Alps. It was opened in 1983 and has since developed into an important cultural centre, built on the solid foundation provided by Werner Imseng’s collection. In December 2023, the museum in Saas-Fee celebrated its fortieth anniversary, and on 5 December, it’s re-opening. To mark the occasion, the museum was not only renovated but also expanded to present the region’s cultural heritage in a contemporary way.

The upgrades to the Saas Museum were the result of close co-operation between the municipality of Saas-Fee, Saastal Tourismus AG, and other individuals from the region with an interest in culture. The modernisation of the museum was complemented by an advanced access and security system, meaning that both guests and locals can visit the museum on a daily basis.

One remarkable innovation within the modernised museum is the newly introduced media guide. This multimedia system presents the background stories of the region through captivating audio plays, pictures, and videos. In addition, an interactive room featuring modern presentation methods has been designed to create a contemporary learning environment. Here, visitors‘ interest is encouraged in a playful way. Another special area has been created that emphasises the importance of the mountain railways to the tourism industry and offers insights into their historical development. The room dedicated to local artist Werner Zurbriggen and his works is particularly noteworthy.

A room for temporary exhibitions has also been created. The temporary exhibitions in the museum are designed to ensure that locals and tourists always have something new to discover each time they visit. The first temporary exhibition following the renovation is entitled, „Treasures of the Saas Valley as seen by schoolchildren”, and was created by the Saas-Fee primary school. This special perspective of the younger generation emphasises the importance of the museum with regard to passing on the region’s culture and history to future generations.

One section of the Saas Museum is dedicated to Carl Zuckmayer. The German writer has previously been a central point of focus for the museum. He not only found inspiration for his works in Saas-Fee, but also met regularly with the village’s artistic community. The museum honours Carl Zuckmayer with a magnificent exhibition. Here, photographs, documents, personal objects, and original manuscripts of his works are all on display. Visitors to the Saas Museum have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Carl Zuckmayer.

Experience the formative history of the Saas Valley and discover the cultural diversity in the renovated Saas Museum.