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Zur Post 5204 4 bed apartment

from CHF 80.00 per unit/night

The valaisan-style chalet "zur Post" has 3 floors with one apartment on each floor. Quiet and centrally located at the post office square, 2 minutes away from chairlift and sports grounds.

Nice and comfortable 2 ½-room apartment. Consists of a spacious country-style living room with sleeping space, 1 double bedroom, 1 kitchen with dining area and a bathroom with WC and bath/shower. Small south balcony. On 3rd floor.

Additional Costs

Tourist taxes: CHF 7.-/adults, CHF 3.50/children (age 6 - 15.99) per day. Included are: bed linen, kitchen cloths and bath towels as well as heating, electricity, warm water, parking space and final cleaning. Only visitor's tax will be charged separately.

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familie vom See
(Family older children)
5 / 5
09/01/2016 11:13:00 AM
Wir haben alle Arbeitende bei den Dienstleistungssektoren als sehr freundlich erlebt. Besonders die Postautofahrer. Wir haben auf Fragen kompete Antworten und eine grosse Hilfsbereitschaft erhalten. Merci vielmals!