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Wasserfall (Saas-Almagell) 8 bed apartment Nr. 7

from CHF 70.00 per unit/night

Sunny and quiet location close to the sport facilities with a beautiful view on the mountains. Own parking lot, skiroom.

4.5 -rooms apartment (130 m2). 1 double bedroom with sink, 1 bedroom with 2 beds, 1 3-bed room, 1 single room. Large living room with an open, modern kitchen with dish washer, oven and coffee machine. 2 Shower/WC, Radio and TV, internet, Balcony.

Additional Costs

Holiday taxes Summer (01.06. -31.10.): CHF 7.- for adults, CHF 3.50 for children (age 6 - 15.99) per day. Holiday taxes Winter (01.11. -31.05.): CHF 4.50 for adults, CHF 2.25 for children (age 6 - 15.99) per day. Final cleaning: Apartment Nr. 4: CHF 100.-. apartment Nr. 7 CHF 120.- (7 Pers.)/130.- (8 Pers.). There is an extra fee for heating and electricty of CHF 3.- per person per day. Carpark, bed linen, towels and kitchen cloths are included in the price.

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